Mid-Week Rushing

Yesterday evening I was so tired that I fell asleep on the loveseat. I woke when EJ got home from work, and after chatting with him for a few minutes, I went to bed.

As soon as the sun started to rise this morning, I loaded the baskets of dirty laundry into the car and drove the two blocks to the laundromat. We have been so busy rushing here and there that EJ hasn’t had time to finish hooking up the new washer/dryer and the hamper was overflowing with dirty clothes. I figured that one more trip to the laundromat would be helpful. Usually I only washed the clothes and then brought them home to dry in the dryer. However, when the delivery men brought in the new stackable washer/dryer, they took out the old one, which means today I had to dry the clothes at the laundromat as well as wash them.

I had never really used the laundromat dryers before. I loaded up four dryers: two on top and two beneath. I put four quarters in one of the dryers, then pushed the “hot” and start buttons, and then went to the next dryer and got it going. Then I noticed that the first dryer wasn’t running and the time had reset to nothing. I put in another quarter, thinking I had done something wrong, and then a lady told me that that dryer and the one underneath were broken. So I had to take out the wet clothes and put them into different dryers. I had planned to load up the dryers and then run errands, but with the problem with the broken dryers and my ignorance, the times of the dryers were staggered: some running for 30 mins, some for 20 mins, and some for 10 mins. Don’t ask me how I managed it. I think I put in different numbers of quarters or something. So I had to stay put in the laundromat and feed quarters into dryers whose clothes weren’t yet dry. I felt kinda of stupid, but, oh, well, I’ve never used the dryers before. This will be the very last time I have to go to the laundromat.

Tomorrow we get up at 5 a.m. to drive to the sperm bank in the Very Big City one last time. I’m concerned about the tires, and had so hoped we could have gotten them changed today. But EJ called the tire place and discovered they have to order the tires we need for our car. He made an appointment to get new tires on the car on Friday. We have to be in that city anyway because JJ needs a blood test. It might be hard for him to wait around for tires to be changed, but we are running out of time to get things done. Hopefully it won’t take too long. Soon EJ is going to take the car in to have several problems fixed on it. One of the problems is that the hub is breaking or something–not the hub cap, but the hub. I am not sure what a hub is, but it sounds as if it breaking is a Very Bad Thing and could kill us all. EJ says he when we get the time and the money–very soon–he will take the car in and say, “Fix all the problems.” I’ll just pray that we make it to and from the Very Big City safely and that the car holds up until we can get it fixed.

JJ has felt pain and fatigue from yesterday’s surgery. He is a bit discouraged today–he is getting tired of surgeries, blood tests, and pain. And he’s not looking forward to going to the sperm bank tomorrow. If I had known sooner that he was dreading it, I would have cancelled it, but he didn’t tell me until too late in the day. I’m hoping he will feel better by tomorrow so it won’t be too much of an ordeal for him.

This afternoon I ordered more things from Amazon. Amazon Prime, with its free shipping, has become a lifesaver. I am able to order necessities that we don’t have time to run to the store for. I’ve ordered things like medical masks (so we can keep germs from JJ if we get sick), gloves, and a digital thermometer to use when JJ begins Chemo. We were told during Chemo class that we have to have one to keep track of his temperature if he gets sick. I was thrilled that I also was able to order Boost, a nutritional high protein drink that we’ve been buying to try to fatten JJ up before Chemo. Also, it will be a good drink for him if he gets sick during Chemo and can’t keep food down. He loves the chocolate and drinks several a day. I also found healthy probiotic jello for JJ from a company called Jeannie. I bought a box of 12 assorted flavors, but it arrived with 14 boxes and a nice note from the owner that she was including two extra. I liked her on Facebook and told her I appreciated it!

I’ve also bought things like socks, and toilet cleaner, and the high-efficiency laundry detergent that my new washer/dryer requires at Amazon. Anything I need but I don’t have time to shop for at the store, I am having sent to me. Often I can get the items cheaper on Amazon–and it’s shipped free right to my door! Being able to shop from home is such a blessing. As I said, it’s a life-saver. Plus, I’ve always thought it fun to get packages in the mail, even if it’s only toilet cleaner. 🙂

I also splurged just a bit and bought the bird feeders and the hook thing to hang them on. The hook arrived earlier this week, and that afternoon I dug a hole outside our big living room window and set it up. This morning the bird feeders arrived so I filled them with seed and hung them up. I think the feeders I chose are very pretty and suit the style of our house. I also have window feeders, one on the big window and one on a window that JJ can see as he lies on the couch. Watching the birds will be a spirit-lifter for us all. I can’t wait until the birds start using it. I’ve heard it takes a few days for them to become aware of new feeders.



One Comment on “Mid-Week Rushing

  1. I bet your cats will be licking their lips watching the birds on the feeders. 😉 It sounds like you have an exciting life in areas of adventure you would rather not. I am glad you are getting well prepped for the upcoming dreaded chemo-venture. Remember to try and find joy in every hour of every day or that you guys just made it through another day. 🙂 love you! Praying for you all.


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