A Fellowship of Friends

Yesterday evening JJ and I were relaxing at home when the power unexpectedly went out and we were plunged into deep darkness. Since there were no storms or anything, we weren’t prepared for a power outage. I used my cell phone to find a head light but the battery was weak so it was pretty much useless. So I found candles and matches and used the lit candle to locate the battery powered lantern after I texted EJ to find out where it was. It was in the basement.  The power returned after about 15 minutes. I found out from a local FB friend that a pole caught fire at school during the afternoon and they were replacing it. Nothing was said about what kind of pole or why it caught on fire.

When the power went out, I was dismayed because I needed an alarm to wake us up at 5 a.m. I usually use my phone alarm, but the battery was low-ish. So I texted several friends and asked them to please pray that the power didn’t stay off! Two friends told me they’d be willing to call me to wake me up. Fortunately, the power came back on. I informed my friends and immediately plugged my cell phone in to recharge it…just in case.

At 5 a.m., my phone alarm went off. Immediately afterwards, I got a text that said,

“Need to get up! Rise and shine! Drive careful.”

My friend lives out of state and would have had to get up at 4 a.m. her time to wake me at 5 a.m. my time. I have the coolest, sweetest friends.

Our local friends are awesome too. One read my blog yesterday about Amazon Prime and wrote:

My dearest TJ, do not forget that your dear neighbor lady works in a grocery store. Anything you need, [Friend-Amazon] can deliver as well. Pm me your order and it shall come to your door, free of charge.

Another out-of-state friend occasionally buys us gift certificates at our favorite local diner. She says that if she lived nearby she’d bring us food, but since she can’t do that, she buys us the gift certificates, especially when she knows that we have had a long tiring day. The people at the diner are tremendously caring toward JJ. It’s kind of awesome that the restaurant owners recognize my friend’s voice now. A benefit of living in a small town, I guess. Wherever I go in our little village–post office, bank, library, restaurant, store–people ask how he is doing.

And there are so very many, many other friends, who show us love in so many ways, through encouragement and prayers, including you who read this blog. No action is too small. All are Hugs from Heaven. You are all so loving that you bring tears to my eyes.

Anyway, this morning we got ourselves up and on the road before sunrise for our final visit to the sperm bank. There is a risk that chemo could make JJ sterile, so it was recommended we go to a sperm bank to help ensure he can have children later. They recommend five trips before chemo begins because each deposit is considered a “try” and not every woman gets pregnant on her first try. So five deposits increase the chances of success. We only had time to fit in four trips.

EJ and I actually love drives because we enjoy beautiful scenery and long talks. However, we do not enjoy long drives in Big Cities. Near the Very Big City, we got caught in another traffic jam, slowing at times to a crawl. I can’t believe that people drive to work in such traffic every morning. This time the drive didn’t stress me as much as the previous time, although it was bad enough. Maybe it’s like the time I visited my sister in California and we spent all day at Disneyland. Toward the end of the day, we were so tired that we went on roller coaster rides just so we could sit down. While everyone else was screaming, we sat like zombies. Maybe I was tired like that and too tired to scream about the rushing traffic.

I really enjoy beautiful or interesting buildings, and the sperm bank is beautiful inside, so I brought my camera with me today and discreetly took pictures. I know, I know, I am nuts, but my FB friends know that I love and collect pictures of interesting buildings which I share in a FB album. I love the green and white colors, and had once thought of painting our living/dining room those colors. However, our rooms are darkish and we need lighter colors to brighten them. You can click on the pictures below to enlarge them.

The staff at the sperm bank are very warm and compassionate. The one who was there today had fought and won a battle with cancer. She had had a port for 18 months and she reassured JJ that in a week he would hardly be aware that he had a port. She said that it’s only about a five minute procedure to take it out and she showed us her scar so we could see how little it was. She also told us that when she was having Chemo, a fellow patient told her about a pain cream that really helped her if her port ached while having chemo. She told us the name and I called JJ’s doctor on the way home. The doctor’s office called in a prescription of it for him.

I am finding that cancer patients/survivors form a sort of fellowship and they help each other out with encouragement and tips. But all my friends both near and far, are helping us through.

On the way home, we discussed that we had heard that Amazon’s CEO had announced that his company is hoping to develop delivery via drone. We discussed the idea, how we thought it would work (or not), and ended up pretty much developing a science fiction story about it between the three of us. We are a family of storytellers.

EJ was so tired that he sort of drifted off to sleep several times as he drove home. As soon as we got home, EJ fell asleep in his Lazyboy chair and JJ fell asleep on the couch. EJ slept until shortly before he had to leave for work, and JJ slept all afternoon. I drove to the post office for our mail and then came home and fixed lunch. I made Thanksgiving Leftover Casserole. I had made it yesterday and they liked it so much that they wanted it again. I put it in the oven and then fell asleep on the loveseat. I actually slept too long so the casserole was in the oven for an hour too long, but it still turned out perfectly.

Tomorrow JJ has to have yet another blood test. He has to have a blood test every week from now on so the doctors can see how his body is handling the chemo. After tomorrow’s blood test is out of the way, EJ will stop to get new tires put on the car. We decided that tomorrow I will stay home so that I can make Challah Bread for Shabbat. We so desperately need a Shabbat rest this week.

We are really tired right now, but our spirits are actually quite strong. We are so very aware of God strengthening us and meeting our needs in so many ways.

3 Comments on “A Fellowship of Friends

  1. I wondered how your day went and I figured you would be exhausted. Oh! The adventures you will have as the Hobbit comes out of the house in the hill. I am sorry for your adventures, but I know God will continue to provide. Big Hugs! (P.S. I am coming to MI but am afraid of getting anyone sick…Carissa still has a low grade fever….so I will not try and visit. I am too afraid that I might accidentally pass on any germs.) love you!


  2. Thanks, Dorothy. I’d love to see you, of course, but we will have to be extra, extra careful of germs when JJ starts chemo. It affects his immune system.

    I do think these Hobbits have been dragged out of their hole long, long ago. We are in another part of the story, another stage of the journey.

    Love you, Dorothy, Ceylon, and all my other friends.


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