Don’t Blink

Today was a very relaxing day of no Chemo or doctor appointments.

JJ felt quite well this morning, so he went with me to the bank and post office. A friend who works at the bank gave JJ a hug, and the postmaster greeted JJ warmly.

JJ has wanted oversized shirts because they feel more roomy and comfortable when he is hooked up to the IVs. He has been borrowing some of his Dad’s shirts, but I thought it would be fun to get him interesting shirts. I thought I’d try to get him a different shirt for each week of Chemo. His first two shirts arrived today, but I only gave him one:

Dec 18 001
JJ’s Doctor Who shirt

This is a Doctor Who reference. The “Don’t Blink” episode has forever changed how I view statues of angels. Who knew statues could be so scary? I am somewhat envious of JJ’s cool shirt so I told him “Don’t Blink or I just might steal your shirt.” 🙂

Here is a picture of JJ with his cat, Luke. Luke loves to follow JJ around and cuddle with him. Luke is a genius cat who taught himself to use the toilet. You can read about him here: JJ’s Cat.

JJ's and his beloved cat, Luke.
JJ’s and his beloved cat, Luke.

This afternoon two of EJ’s sisters came to visit. They prepared yummy food for us. We enjoyed their visit. They got stuck in our slippery driveway, but two of our wonderful neighbors helped them get unstuck.

That was pretty much my day today. It was nice to have such a day.

4 Comments on “Don’t Blink

  1. You just deserve a day like this it is hard enough. I’m still so happy that it is going so well with JJ. But keep on praying…..Love Luke the toilet trained cat. Since I’m getting out of my job I just want to have a cat myself. So I hope to find one. Dear Teri, EJ and JJ. you’re never far from my thoughts and prayers. ((((hugs)))))


  2. As the sun is rising and putting pink in the skies this morning I feel our Lord blessing you with another day of His love and joy, may His healing presence surround all of you, love ya


  3. Simone, your daily comments are a burst of sunshine.

    Linda and Bob. I love your comments. He surrounds us with His presence. And I am still laughing about your second comment.


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