Further Ahead

Today I felt very lazy. We all spent the morning just sort of taking it easy, which, after the busy weeks we’ve had, was a joy.

While we were talking to the doctor the other day, he told us that there is another young man–in his late 20s–who has the exact same cancer as JJ. He’s a little further ahead on the journey, and he wanted to talk to JJ about what to expect, so he ask the doctor to give JJ his phone number. The doctor said he was an extremely nice man.

Today JJ called the guy and talked to him for quite some time. JJ had been nervous about calling a stranger, but after they ended their conversation, JJ told me that he was glad he called because the man really was nice. The man said that after his first cycle of chemo, his count went down to 2,000. The fact that JJ’s was 2 is utterly amazing.

However, the man also warned him that each cycle of chemo he will feel worse than the time before and that recovery will take longer after each cycle.

So we aren’t out of the woods yet, there’s more to endure, so please keep praying.

Not Out of the Woods
Not out of the Woods yet




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