Ice Storm

Bad storms in the USA.
Bad storms in the USA.

Yesterday our country was hit with terrible storms. The south had bad rain storms and tornadoes. The north was hit by bad snow and ice storms.

Yesterday in our area it rained and as the day darkened into night, the temperatures fell and the rain turned to ice. Freezing rain fell all night long and into this morning. Branches are down everywhere and people are warned to stay off very slippery roads.

I expected us to lose power so I got out the battery-operated lanterns last night. Although thousands of homes in nearby communities lost their power, we did not. It’s possible that we could still lose our power because the lines are coated with ice, and we are expecting snow tonight which will add weight to the ice, but so far, so good.

I do not like the damage ice storms cause, but I do like the beauty of them, especially when the sun shines and makes everything sparkle. I went outside first thing this morning and could hear branches cracking and falling.

Later, EJ and I went for a walk to admire the beauty of our ice-coated town. There were fallen branches everywhere. The sun isn’t shining today, but the world is still beautiful. Midway through our walk, we stopped at Chubby’s Cafe to order lunch. Since JJ wasn’t with us, we ordered takeout and waited while it was prepared.

I, of course, took some pictures.

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I love the beauty, but I hope the roads are good tomorrow morning because we have to drive to the Cancer Center for a 90 minute chemo session.

2 Comments on “Ice Storm

  1. Teri it is really beautiful everything covered in ice. Like a fairy tail just amazing. Hope that you will have safe roads tomorrow when you go to the center. I will pray for that. Love you ❤


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