Odds & Ends

Yesterday JJ had to get a blood test, so we drove the hour (or so) to the lab. The blood test didn’t take long. We managed to time it just right so we were the only ones in the waiting room.

Before we left, I had tried to find a computer repair shop so we could get JJ’s laptop fixed. The guy JJ had talked to a couple of days ago who has the same type of cancer as he does (I will call him “TR”) had told JJ that it will be essential to have a hobby during his cancer journey to keep him distracted. So JJ was even more anxious to get the laptop fixed so he can play his favorite game and interact with online friends. I googled “computer repair” and chose one that had good reviews. I called them and explained the problem. The man was very nice but didn’t think he could repair the problem, so he referred us to another place. We looked up the location and took off.

EJ drove us directly where he thought the repair place was, but it wasn’t there. After driving around a bit, and debating whether to stop and ask for directions and where to stop, we finally decided to call my friend in Texas to google the location to us (don’t you just love the Internet?), and then EJ was able to find the place easily. It’s not far from the Cancer Center. The repair guy feels he knows what the problem is and that it can be easily fixed. I hope so. If not, I don’t know what we will do.

JJ was very hungry so as we left the repair shop, we looked for a place to eat. We sort of read out restaurant signs as we drove along. I pointed out, “There’s a Halo Burger…” and EJ shouted “No way!” and made a sharp turn into the parking lot. I had never heard of Halo Burgers before, but EJ remembers the restaurant from his childhood with fondness. Inside the restaurant, there were murals of places in Flint, where the restaurant chain originated. EJ grew up in a small town near Flint, his father worked in Flint, and so did he in his younger days, so he recognized the scenes.

Ugh. We have been eating out more often than we ever have before, because we are so busy going here and there for JJ’s treatment. Yesterday afternoon I walked on the treadmill to counteract the restaurant food. Hopefully, I can get on the treadmill regularly, although I don’t have much hope once we get back into Chemo and JJ starts feeling sick again.

Even though JJ’s lab reports were amazingly good, this battle is far from over. JJ will still have to go through the rest of the Chemo, and will still suffer the effects. This weekend he is struggling with painful mouth sores that he says feels like strep throat. Poor guy. We are having him gargle with a warm water/baking soda/salt water solution the nurses told us about in order to help him. I hope we can get it under control. He could get infections or have to have a feeding tube if the sores get too serious.

Yesterday I learned of two people who are losing their battles with cancer. I do not personally know one of them, but she is dear to my friend, so it saddens me. The other is the wife of the pastor of the church we attended about ten years ago. This was a wonderful couple. My favorite pastor/wife of all the churches I’ve attended over the years. So many people are suffering from so much lately. These two woman who are losing their battles with cancer reminded me of the seriousness of the battle we are in. Not everyone wins it.

This weekend we are facing the very real threat of an ice storm. The weather reports say that we could get an accumulation of around a half-inch of ice by tomorrow morning, making travel dangerous. Power outages are expected, some possibly widespread. Fortunately EJ doesn’t have to work this weekend so he can stay home. He knows how to skillfully drive in all sorts of weather conditions, but I still worry about him driving to and from work when the weather is bad. If there are power outages, our wood stove will keep us toasty warm. However, I’m praying that the power doesn’t go out because it makes everything more difficult and the hours feel long without the computer or TV, especially if JJ doesn’t feel well. I’m charging my phone just in case we lose power. I’m also praying that we don’t have any problems getting JJ to his next Chemo session on Monday morning.

2 Comments on “Odds & Ends

  1. We’re hoping the storm will skirt around us, keeping everyone safe. Keep the day special knowing friends are praying for all of you,
    Love ya


  2. I do hope it is not so bad as the weather report said and you are all safe, warm and having power. It must be hard to see that people you love lose the battle against cancer and knowing that JJ has to go on with this terrible treatment . But I’m still so happy that he is already doing better than expected. Love you all and sending hugs from the other side of the ocean. ❤


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