Chemo Cycle 2

Yesterday morning I got up early, wrote a post for this blog, and then fell back to sleep on the loveseat. I slept until noon. So did JJ. EJ slept pretty late too. We spent a very lazy day–none of us even changed out of our PJs!

Today we were busier.

EJ fixed the gasket around the woodstove door, which had come off.

Then he drove to the store to return some laundry detergent he had bought on when he went shopping on Christmas eve. He forgot that our new washer requires HE (high energy) detergent and had bought just the regular kind. Also, on Christmas eve there had been some tremendous bargains, but those items were quickly gone so EJ hadn’t been able to buy Canada Dry Ginger Ale, so he bought some today. The Ginger Ale really helps JJ when he is feeling nauseous.

While EJ was gone, I did dishes, cleaned the house, did laundry, fixed lunch. I also looked up the website of a local opthmalogist and added their number to my cell phone so I can make an appointment for EJ tomorrow. He hasn’t had new glasses in several years, and I don’t even know how he can see out of his scratched lenses. After he gets new glasses, I will make an appointment for myself because I haven’t had new glasses for several years either. My glasses aren’t as bad as EJ’s, although my eyes seem to be not as good as they used to be.

When EJ returned from the store, I helped him bring in the groceries and fed him. After a bit, he fell asleep in his chair. I very quietly put on my boots and coat to sneak out and unload the firewood from the pickup truck, but he heard me and exclaimed, “Ah ha! I caught you!” He got his coat on and together we unloaded the truck, and then brought firewood into the house. When we were finished, he split a couple of the bigger logs while I cleaned out the litter boxes and took out the trash. The bag broke at the end of the driveway, so I had to get another bag and pick up the trash.

Later this evening, I made sure our bags were packed to take with us to Chemo tomorrow. Tomorrow begins his second grueling week of five hours of Chemo every day. JJ is not looking forward to it, but he has incredible courage and strength.

3 Comments on “Chemo Cycle 2

  1. Wonderful you had that super-lazy day together and I’m sure you needed that . You and EJ really are a team and that is wonderful to see. I do pray for a week without any extra difficulties because chemo is already difficult enough . And I specially pray for JJ because it is hard on him. Tell him that he is most definite my HERO. Love you all and a big hug for overseas….<3


  2. Simone, dahnk yuh vel.

    I don’t know Dutch, but I googled how to say “Thank you very much,” so I could thank you in your own language. ❤

    And thank you so much Suburban Reaper.


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