New Year’s Eve

Yesterday was JJ’s first day of his second cycle of Chemo. We had to be at the Cancer Center at 10:30 a.m. We were again taken to Room 8, which is our favorite Infusion Room because it is bigger than the others and has a window. We had roommates again–a mother came with her middle-aged daughter, who is suffering her second bout of breast cancer. They were sweet people, and we chatted with them all day,  sharing life stories.  Being in the same room establishes intimacy, so it’s nice when the roommates are compatible and enjoyable. Our roommates made the day go faster.

Sam, the therapy dog, visited yesterday. We have learned that he visits on Mondays. He is such a sweet, gentle dog, and brings a smile to our hearts. We also heard the lullaby music play over the PA six times yesterday, which means six babies were born at the hospital. It played four or five times today.

We expected only a five-hour day yesterday, but it stretched into 6 1/2 hours, making the day very long even with pleasant roommates. Our nurse was very sweet. We were exhausted at the end of the day. My friend, CE, notified me that she had bought us another gift certificate for Chubby’s Cafe so I thankfully ordered takeout as EJ drove us home, and he went and picked up the food after he had dropped JJ and me off at home.

We were the last family to leave the Cancer Center last night, and I think we were also the first to arrive this morning. Chris, the Patient Care Technician, asked, “Did you guys even leave last night???” I was very tired today and my body stiff from sitting for hours and hours. The only walking I get is to the bathroom or the kitchenette to get coffee, juice, or water for us. The late night and early morning at the Cancer Center made it feel like one very long day instead of two days.

Today we were in Room 12. It was toward the end of the hall, out-of-the-way of the hustle and bustle. It was not bad, but it has no windows. I love windows and miss them when we don’t have them. We had no roommates today. Roommates can be interesting and enjoyable, but it’s also nice sometimes not to have to make conversation–especially when we are tired. JJ slept most of the day today. EJ napped some, and he and I shared the laptop between us. When he had the laptop, I read a book.

The nurses at the Cancer Center today all asked what we are doing for New Year’s Eve tonight. Our plans are simple. After a day at the Cancer Center, we will spend a quietly enjoyable evening at home,  and go to sleep whenever we are tired.

Tomorrow the Cancer Center is closed for New Year’s Day, so we have to go to the Hospital Infusion Center across the street for JJ’s treatment. The nurse told us that it doesn’t have private rooms like in the Cancer Center, but “rooms” are divided by curtains. JJ is a bit nervous by the change of scenery and staff. There is comfort in familiarity.

I have packages waiting at the post office–including one from a friend–but I couldn’t get them yesterday because we got home so late. We drove to the post office on the way home from the Cancer Center today and would have made it in plenty of time…if it weren’t New Year’s Eve and the post office hadn’t closed at noon. Now I can’t get the packages until Thursday because the post office is closed tomorrow for New Year’s Day. It is hard for me to wait.

4 Comments on “New Year’s Eve

  1. Dear Teri, EJ and JJ, this is so much harder as the time before so it seems to me. I do hope the day in the other centre will be okay and not more difficult because of the other nurses and staff and no private rooms. I wish I could do something really do something but we are so far apart. I will think of something in the coming days. Wishing you strength , love and Shalom from out Heavenly Father. And I’ll keep on praying of course. Love you all very much ❤


  2. The first day on the New Year comes with the dressing of snowflakes and a brightness of pure light even though the sun is high above the snow clouds and casts no rays. A morning like this always gives me hope, when realizing that the sun is always shinning above no matter what the cloud coverage is.
    I see my Lord in the same way, trusting that He is always above, beside and in me as I move thru the day calling on His name. Gal.5:22-23 The fruit of the Spirit is love,joy,peace,patience,kindness,generosity,faithfulness,gentleness and self-control., we need the touch of the Holy Spirit constantly and that is my prayer for all of you, so expect a good soaking of His generosity thu this journey of life, you are never alone.
    Our love to all of you,
    Bob and Linda


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