Busy Doing Nothing

This morning my phone rang at about 6:30 a.m. I saw it was from my sister-in-law and my mind immediately leaped to a list of possible bad news. People, especially family, don’t call during sleeping hours unless something is wrong. Bracing myself, I answered the phone. My sis-in-law said, “I just got a phone call from you…Is everything ok?” I didn’t call her, and EJ didn’t call her, and JJ didn’t call her. I suspect it was Luke, our genius cat. A cat who can teach himself to use the toilet, who can open shut doors, who reaches out to grab us when he wants something, and who sometimes uses the remote to change TV channels, can surely dial the phone. I wonder why he called her? Did he think he wasn’t getting enough of his Very Special Cat Food?

After my sis-in-law and I verified that neither of us had called with bad news, we hung up and I went back to sleep for a couple more hours. After a busy day(s) at the Cancer Center, we are always very exhausted. It’s as if we push all our tiredness aside during the busy days of Chemo and then it all hits when we can stay at home. We usually spend the day after Chemo resting and doing as little as we can. EJ is especially exhausted, but he could only rest this morning. He had to go to work this afternoon.

I did do a few things. I walked to the post office for our mail for the first time this week. It had warmed up to 6F degrees–practically a heat wave. The walk was pleasant, but I got mostly bills, bills, and medical bills in the mail. Bleagh.

Before I went to the post office I cared for the pets. After I got home, I filled up the birdfeeders. Then EJ and I brought in the day’s firewood.

Yesterday before we left for the Cancer Center, I put together a stew in the crock pot. I set it on low just in case we were delayed–you know, got stuck in the snow or something. It wasn’t done when we returned so we had the last of the leftover chili for lunch, which was delicious. Today I put the stew in a Dutch oven and put it on the woodstove and let it heat up while EJ and I were doing our chores. It was very good.

JJ seems to be feeling pretty good today. He didn’t wake at all last night or need any anti-nausea meds.

This afternoon I played around a bit with the look of this blog, changing the layout from one sidebar to two and a few other minor things. If I (or you) don’t like it, I will switch it back. What do you think?

My friends on Facebook are taking pictures of themselves and/or their pets wearing silly hats to show love and support for JJ. I am collecting them all in a FB album and I plan to print them out and make a scrapbook of them at some point. The pictures are awesome and we are enjoying them immensely. I would share them all here except I don’t know if my friends would like their photos splashed across the Internet. But I will share one of a cool Michigan Search and Rescue dog named Xenia. She has her own Facebook page called “Xenia the Bloodhound.” She wrote JJ a very cute email the other day, which I thought was very sweet:

Xenia the Bloodhound
Xenia the Bloodhound

Hi JJ, my name is Xenia

Do you wanna be friends? 

I am a bloodhound, as you probley already can tell! 

I’ve been busy sleeping today cuz there is nothing for me to do. The snow is way over my head and the wind is do strong it about blows me away when I am outside! Mom said its cuz of my big ears and I am like an airplane! 

Have you been outside yet? DONT DO IT ~ if you don’t have to! You will freeze! 

I am usually pretty busy getting into trouble during the day. I keep my mom busy chasing me around .. and teaching my dad to pick up after himself. If he doesn’t pick his hat gloves boots coat toothbrush or anything like that up, I just take it! I like to run around the house with it and chew it up! I am really good at it! 

I am a trailing dog too! I find missing or lost people. I love my job and I hope to be really good at it when I finish growing up. I started school when I was only 9 months old! Do you go to school? I am hoping to take my level 3 test in a few weeks. Then I can start working. I am with Michigan search and rescue. Did I tell you how old I am? I am only one. I just turned one the end of October, near holloween. Mom said its cuz I am a monster! Whatever that means. I think it means she loves me tho. 

Do you like to fish? I do! I like boat rides and fishing! My mom said she likes ice fishing the best. I don’t know why we aren’t fishing today cuz I think we have lots of ice. Maybe she will take me sometime. 

Do you like to shop? I do! My favorite store is Meijers! Cuz every time I go in there, everyone likes me. Sometimes I put on a show and blink my eyes cute so people will come pet me. It always works and it’s fun! 

You know what my mom did? She dressed me up like a fairy princess!!! I had to wear a tutu and butterfly wings and a crown on my head… In PINK!!! Then she shoved me into a kissing booth and I had to kiss people all day! Have you ever had to do that??? 

What kinds of things do you like doing? 

Do you have a dog? 

If you want, I can write to you again. I am not real good at writing yet but I like doing it. 

I hope you are staying warm today. 

I have FB too. Xenia the bloodhound. 

Hope to hear from you… 

~ Xenia (the warrior princess)

I loved the letter. I think it was sweet of Xenia to take the time to write to JJ. I think pets–and their people–are very sweet.

Well, now I got to get busy doing nothing. Maybe I might even get motivated to take a nap.

One Comment on “Busy Doing Nothing

  1. What a lovely story from Xenia the bloodhound she is really adorable. Happy that you all have ( exempt forEJ that is) time to rest. And I’m so glad JJ had a good night without being awake and all. I hope this day will bring also rest comfort an joy. Love you and hugs for you all ❤


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