Bald Eagle Scout

There are days when we are running to the Cancer Center for JJ’s Chemo treatment or to the lab for his blood tests, and there are days when we are running to do tasks like grocery shopping, and on the days when we have nothing to do, we feel totally unmotivated–like electronic devices that are blinking “low battery.” On those low battery days, We barely have enough energy to do the basic tasks. I guess these are the days we take it easy and recharge.

In spite of our low batteries, this morning EJ and I walked to the post office. The temperature was 11 degrees, but it felt warmish compared to the -16 degree temperatures we had a couple days ago. The sun shone and made the snow sparkle. I have always been mesmerized by the beautiful sparkles in the snow. I tried to take pictures of the snow, but my camera is not good enough or I am not skilled enough to capture the sparkles. I have friends who have really good cameras and lenses, and awesome photography skills, and they take the most beautiful pictures. I have chosen to just get a small camera that I can slip into my purse and pocket and have available whenever I go for a drive or a walk. I am not a photographer who deliberately plans and sets up an awesome artistic shot. I am a spontaneous sniper photographer who takes unexpected quick shots.

Bald Eagle Scout
Bald Eagle Scout

After we left the post office, we walked to the bank. LM handled our transaction. She not only works at the bank, but her son was in the same Boy Scout troop as JJ. She asked for an update and then said, “Tell JJ ‘hi’ for me–and also tell him that I think of him as my ‘bald eagle.” EJ and I laughed about that all the way home because JJ is an Eagle Scout–a Bald Eagle Scout. Ha ha ha. That’s the funniest bald joke I have heard so far.

When we got home, I said to JJ, “Hey, LM at the bank called you her ‘bald eagle! Ha ha!” JJ gave me his pretend “I am going to kill you for that remark” look. He actually handles his baldness (and jokes) very well. However he said having very short hair is not the same as having no hair. With very short hair, a guy still has hair. With no hair at all, his head gets very cold.

Seriously, though, I think JJ’s courage and strength and good attitude through all this displays the qualities of a true Eagle Scout. So calling him our “Bald Eagle Scout” is a term of honor, in my opinion.

For lunch we just put the dutch oven back on the woodstove and had leftover stew. It was yummy and we ate it all. Tomorrow I will actually have to cook something again.

In the afternoon, I brought in firewood, paid bills (yuck), did a bit of laundry. After I got my chores done, I got on my PJs. It’s been that sort of day.

JJ seems to be feeling quite well, but he’s dreading Cycle 3. “I don’t want to go,” he said. “So what do you want to do about it?” I asked. “Stage a rebellion?” We fantasized about rebelling for a bit. Sometimes it helps to pretend you don’t have to do something that you really have to do. JJ is committed to Chemo, and that’s the way it is.

Tomorrow we have to drive back to the city for JJ’s weekly blood test. That will only take a little bit of time, so I’m hoping we can stop at a Verizon store and get updated phones. I didn’t go through JJ’s pockets last week, and his phone went through the wash. I think it’s completely, utterly dead.

One Comment on “Bald Eagle Scout

  1. Well Teri I can even feel over here that you must be so very exhausted doing everything , bills coming in worrying about how it all will go and so on. You are to me three eagles ( not bald I must say) And you are flying with JJ on your wings. And above the three of you there is a very beautiful large Eagle and that’s our Abba Father He will carry you all on His wings if you need Him at any moment. I’ll pray that the bloodiest tomorrow will give a positive result. I do love you all. Teri is it possible to send me by email your home address so I can send you something??? ❤


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