Checking In

I wasn’t going to write today, but thought I better check in or people might worry about us.

We were busy resting Saturday.

On Sunday we went grocery shopping. EJ had trouble in the store because a lot of people were wearing perfume, which he is allergic to. Perfumes make him feel sick and steal away his breathe. People don’t really think of the affects perfumes can have on people who struggle with them.

Today JJ had a 90 minute Chemo session. As always, the nurse asks him if there was any changes in his health. He mentioned the sores on his hands and in his mouth. The sores on his hands weren’t that bad, and the nurse encouraged JJ to apply lotion to them. The skin is the first defense against infcction so it’s careful to take care not to develop sores. The nurse had the physician’s assistant examine JJ’s mouth sores. The  PA prescribed a special mouth wash called “Magic Mouth Wash,” which I think is a cool name. We didn’t have time to stop to get it filled because EJ had to rush to work. We will do it tomorrow AND I will get JJ’s anti-nausea meds refilled so I have enough to get through Cycle 3.

This evening has been tough for JJ. He had a few health issues, including vomiting his guts out. I left a message with the doctor’s nurse to ask about the other problems. Poor JJ said he is very, very tired of health problems.

Poor guy.


One Comment on “Checking In

  1. Happy to read your Post Teri and yes I was a bit worried that there was something extra wrong next to the problems who are already walking next to you three. O I do hope they will come up with some solution to make JJ feel a bit better. This is really hard and I can understand that he is fed up with it. Praying daily and an big hug for the three of you. Did EJ mention our conversation on Facebook. When he finds me a really lovely log cabin I will move over 🙂 ❤


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