A Bit Low

I slept on the loveseat last night because JJ hadn’t felt well, and I wanted to be available if he needed me (he didn’t). The loveseat is too short to be entirely comfortable, but I do enjoy the cuddling of the cats. During the night, Luke slept in my arms at my side, Little Bear slept on my chest, and Kee-Kee slept on my shoulder/neck. I was comforted by a comforter of cats. πŸ™‚

I called the pharmacy this morning to get refills for JJ’s anti-nausea meds (See? I do eventually learn!) and to refill one of EJ’s meds. I didn’t talk to a human, I talked to a computer, who told me to read the numbers on the bottles. The computer told me that the earliest I could pick up the prescription was after 2:30 p.m.–AFTER EJ left for work. It never makes sense to me that if I call ahead, it takes them hours to refill a prescription, but if I physically go to the store, the prescription is usually filled within a half-hour. I think I will not again call in prescriptions.

I had called ahead on the refills so I wouldn’t have to carry all those bottles of meds with me but I still had the written prescription for JJ’s Magic Mouthwash to get filled.Β I drove the ten miles to the pharmacy grumbling with irritation because I wouldn’t be able to get all the prescriptions at the same time and would have to make another trip. Then the lady at the pharmacy told me that the mouthwash would require several hours to fill because it was a combination of meds. So…I just returned the ginger ale bottles and then left the store. We will pick up ALL the meds tomorrow.

While I went to the pharmacy, EJ stayed home and filled out forms in preparation for his eye appointment tomorrow.

After EJ left for work, I brought in firewood and did other chores. It took me a long time to get them done because I kept getting distracted by various things.

The nurse called me back about the health issues JJ is having. The doctor will examine him during his appointment on Thursday. JJ was a little upset that I told the nurse about his problems because he is SO TIRED of health problems and being poked and prodded and given pills, but I told him that we have to tell the nurses everything because we don’t know if something that seems minor is actually major. For example, the nurses always have the doctor or his assistant examine JJ if he mentions mouth sores or sores on his hands–no matter how small–because skin in the body’s first defense against infections and must be dealt with. JJ understands all this, but he still doesn’t like it and his spirits were a bit low.

JJ is really dreading the beginning of Cycle 3 next week because TR, the guy with the same cancer whom the doctor connected JJ with, told JJ that each cycle is worse than the one before. TR said he will feel worse and recovery time will be longer. Sometimes knowing what to expect ahead of time can help a person prepare himself, but other times it just causes increased anxiety. In this case, I think it would have been better if JJ hadn’t been told quite so much.

Tonight JJ was really hungry for a roast beef wrap from his favorite local diner. Usually when he wants Chubby Cafe food, I call in the takeout order and then walk down to get it. However, tonight it was dark when JJ asked for Chubby’s food and I just didn’t want to go out in the night. So when I called to order the food, I asked them to deliver it. I didn’t order anything for me and I totally forgot that there is a $7 minimum order for delivery. The owner said I didn’t have to order more because, for us, the minimum order wasn’t an issue. They care so much for JJ that they do extra for us. It always amazes JJ (and us) when people are so caring. However, I insisted on ordering a cheeseburger for myself to bring up the total because I didn’t want them to take the time and effort to deliver the food for such a small order. Besides, I think their cheeseburgers are tasty.

EJ texted me from work that he thinks he might be getting sick. This should make our interesting lives even more interesting and challenging.

4 Comments on “A Bit Low

  1. Dear Teri, a bit low??? I’m surprised that you are not at the bottom of the pit right now. Everything looks like an ordeal . JJ feeling really sick and of course he thinks it is enough right now. You are doing all the housework and the complete pharmacy thing is also your part. And EJ getting sick too. Boy do I wish to live nearby and be of any comfort. This is really getting more like a challenge every day. I do hope that you all are getting by and that you are holding on. May Abba Father bless you and keep you in His safe care. Love you and praying for you. (((((hugs))))) ❀


    • Thank you so much for your love and concern, Simone. We are doing ok, just trusting moment by moment. Love you!


  2. We are keeping you close to our Lord and praying for complete healing for JJ and EJ and strength and His peace for all of you.
    Bob will be having back surgery tomorrow and that to will be offered up for you intentions, may you feel the love that surrounds you all
    Love and blessings, Linda


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