Day 1 of Cycle 3

Yesterday we spent much of the day cleaning the house and doing chores. After we were finished getting everything done, we sat down and watched a favorite Netflix series with delightfully quirky characters.

This morning we woke up to another six or so inches of snow. I fed the pets, filled the bird feeders with seed, cooked breakfast, etc., while EJ shoveled out the truck and went to the bank. At 8:30 a.m. we left for the Cancer Center. The local news was filled with reports of slippery conditions and accidents. It took us slightly longer than usual to get to the Cancer Center, but EJ got us there safely.

We settled in Room 8, our favorite room because it is the biggest and has the window. Today was JJ’s longest day of Chemo. We were there about 7 hours, from 9:30 to 4:30. We had a roommate (a woman and her father?) for a few hours, but they were reserved so we didn’t chat with them. We did chat with a previous roommate who was in a room down the hall. We always bring EJ’s laptop with us, so I also “chatted” with my friend via Facebook chat. My friend makes me laugh and helps the hours pass.

JJ always gets Bleomycin on Mondays, and whenever he gets Bleomycin he is also given Benadryl and Tylenol. The  Benadryl puts him to sleep so he slept through most of his Chemo today.

As soon as EJ got us safely home, he had to get dressed and leave for work. I fed the pets and let Danny out. I glanced outside and saw with amazement that the bird feeders that I had filled this morning were in various stages of emptiness. We are getting more and more visitors at our feeders and they are quickly gobbling up the seed. I don’t mind, though, because I enjoy them so much. Over the weekend I looked for bird identification sites so I could learn the names of some of the bird coming to our feeders. To start with, I wanted to learn the name of a particular type of little brown bird, many of whom our visiting our feeders. They are a little smaller than sparrows. I was amazed to learn that it is a goldfinch. In winter it looks like this:

I researched to learn what this bird is
Goldfinch in the Winter

While in the summer it looks like this:

Goldfinch in the summer.
Goldfinch in the summer.

They look so different that I can hardly believe they are the same bird. I learn something new every day.

After I refilled the bird feeders, I rushed to bring in firewood.  There wasn’t much time to get the firewood in before it got dark. I built a fire in the woodstove, but had a lot of trouble getting it going tonight and had to make several attempts. I finally got it roaring and the chill left the house.

While I went around doing my various chores, Luke kept dashing in front of me and leaping on chairs and grabbing my arm whenever I walked close enough. I thought he wanted his Very Special Food so I put a little handful in his bowl in the bathroom. He’d eat a little bit and then open the door and let the other cats eat his special food. Then he’d run in front of me, leap on chairs, and grab me…so I shut him in the bathroom with a small amount of his Very Special Food. After a short time, he opened the door and let the other cats come eat and eat his food. We did this three or four times and then I told him with exasperation, “I am NOT feeding you again!” At last, I finally found out that Luke didn’t want his food, he wanted to be cuddled. Well, duh.

Now that Luke has finally been able to communicate with me, I am sitting with him on the couch and giving him lovings.

Tomorrow–and all this week–we have to be at the Cancer Center at 11 a.m. for five hours of Chemo.


2 Comments on “Day 1 of Cycle 3

  1. O my Teri you have at least a full life with so many chores and extra stuff because of every day being in the Cancer Centre. I was happy for JJ that he slept during his long hours of chemo . It is really hard to start another circle but on the other hand a blessing ( with all the painful extra stuff) that it will cure JJ. I pray for that daily. and for strength for you all. Love the pictures of the birds they are beautiful in summer and winter. We don’t have a goldfinch over here but I love them even also the cardinal bird which we don’t have either. I have my special bird inside…A budge and she talks all day long. Love you and hugs for you all. ❤


  2. Enter info about a bird’s description here to help identify those you see.


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