I had trouble getting to sleep last night. I finally got to sleep, but then my alarm went off at 2:30 a.m. to remind me that it was time to give JJ his anti-nausea meds. After I gave JJ his pill, I added wood to the woodstove and let Danny out and back in. I went back to sleep but then JJ’s cat Luke sat near my head and “raked” my head. I didn’t get much sleep.

I woke at about 7:30 a.m. EJ had set up coffee machine last night so all I had to do was turn it on. I put more wood on in the woodstove. During the night the temps had fallen to -13 degrees. I fed and watered the pets, let Danny in and out, got dressed, made breakfast, made sure our bags were all packed, and so on. Mornings are busy for me. We left for the Cancer Center at 10 a.m. and arrived at the Cancer Center at 11 a.m.

Sleeping in the sun.
Sleeping in the sun.

Except for the fact that JJ is having toxic chemicals pumped into his body to kill a deadly disease, being at the Cancer Center is not unpleasant. EJ and I take turns using his laptop, I sometimes chat with my friend on Facebook and other times I sit in my chair with my feet on my bag/footstool and read a book. EJ gets up earlier than normal to take us to the Cancer Center and he still has to go to work after he brings us home, so he often naps while we are there. We have the TV turned to a channel that shows beautiful scenery with soothing classical music. We have all the coffee, tea, juices, water that we could wish for, and the hospital cafeteria is easily accessible. The medical staff is friendly. It’s not that bad.

By the end of the day, though, we are tired, especially if we didn’t sleep well the night before. We were very ready to leave for home tonight when JJ was finally unplugged at about 4:45 p.m. While I waited for JJ to use the bathroom and get his coat and shoes on, EJ took our luggage and went out to start the truck and get it warmed up for us.

When JJ and I finally arrived at the truck, EJ told us the bad news: One of the tires on the truck was low. Very low. He knew there was a gas station just down the street, so he took a chance and drove to it slowly and carefully. Best case scenario was that the tire would need only air. Worse case was that the tire would need to be changed.

When we got to the gas station, EJ saw that the tire was off the rim. It would definitely need more than air. He was going to change it there, but the gas station was extremely busy. I had never seen a busier gas station. EJ didn’t want to risk getting run over by cars zipping in and out of the gas station and it was VERY cold outside (-2 degrees), so he went into the gas station to ask if there was a tire place nearby that could change the tire for us. There was, a few blocks down the street. By this time, it was after 5 p.m. and we weren’t sure if it would be open, but at least it would provide a less busy place to change a tire than the gas station. It wasn’t in a very good part of the city, though.

After more than 5 hours of Chemo, JJ wasn’t feeling well. He also had had steroids today, which made him easily irritated. He was less than cheerful about not being able to go directly home. Later he apologized for his bad attitude.

Fortunately, the tire place was still open and they were willing to get us right in. They invited us to wait in their customer area with couches and chairs. While we waited, EJ called his company and arranged to take the rest of the day off, since he wouldn’t be able to get to work on time. Also, he wasn’t feeling very well. The tire guys were able to put the spare tire on the truck for us in about 15 minutes. They only charged us $10. What a blessing.

We continued on our way home. By this time we were driving home in rush our traffic. Lots of cars were whizzing by. The roads were very slippery and we fish-tailed a couple of times. We saw two accidents along the way. There have been a lot of accidents lately. One of EJ’s co-workers was badly injured in an accident yesterday. 

We arrived home a little before 7 p.m. I was so glad to get home in one piece. JJ settled himself on the couch. After dealing with all the problems and slick driving on the way home, after struggling with not feeling well and a sore back, EJ also settled himself in his chair for a well-deserved rest. I took care of the pets, got the fire going again in the woodstove, fed and water the pets, let Danny out and in again, and got JJ something to eat and drink. I started a load of JJ’s clothes so he has jeans to wear tomorrow. I can now relax a bit, although I am on call through the night to give JJ his meds and help him if he feels sick.

It was a long day with an adventure at the end. We are tired, but we survived it, and we are doing well.

Tomorrow morning we leave at 10 a.m. for another day at the Cancer Center.

5 Comments on “Tire(d)

  1. O Teri this was really a bad bad day since so much is asked from you all. JJ feeling terrible because of the chemo and stuff. And you both in handling everything else. I do pray that today will be easier and without any extra problems. You are really hero’s. I have to speak on sunday about a broken life together with a music group which I often do things with, in a church. I haven’t been in a church for years as I’m Messianic. But in my speech I will tell them about JJ and you both. Just to show that to be broken is one thing but G’D uses it to give strength and how there is always a choice to deal with a very devastating situation. You are special Teri. Love you ((hugs)) ❤


    • We made it through yesterday and I am so thankful that the tire place was open and they could put on the spare so quickly and for so little money. I feel we were being cared for.

      At one time a day like yesterday would have frustrated me terribly, but one thing we have discussed as we go through this cancer is that our Abba really does love us and care for us, moment by moment. We have often discussed, for example, how we have wanted to move to a couple acres in the country, or move up North where there is less people and more beauty. We always felt such a move was “blocked” in one way or another, which was frustrating. But now we are thankful we live where we do because we are so close to good medical care, and we have good insurance, and we don’t have a huge amount of debt that would make it more difficult to pay medical bills. So rather than not having “dreams come true” we know that “God works all things for good.” We don’t know why JJ has cancer, but we see Abba working good in our lives. So we are doing well.

      I think it is incredible, Simone, that you would talk about us. Let me know how it goes. I will pray that Abba uses your words and speaks through you. ❤


      • Ofcourse I will tell you Teri because your struggle and your faith has become part of my life and I’m learning from it. And yes I know that Abba will guide our footsteps and the only thing we have to do is follow. Not always easy we all have our dreams but His dreams for us are so much better. I had to learn that too. I’m thankful daily that He tooks my job away from me because that is the way I grew so much closer to Him and found more peace and rest than I ever had. Love you Sis.


  2. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers,days as such seem impossible and at the time very high stressed but being able to look back and thank our Father is the true gift of Faith given to us all thru the Son, our Lord. We have had days as such, and just with Bob’s surgery but again knowing we walk this way with our Divine Physician gives us the graces we need in such a moment. My prayer beads are for all of you this day.
    Little warmer today and no more bad roads for you guys.
    Our love, prayers and hugs,


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