Today at the Cancer Center

This morning we had to be at the Cancer Center at 11 a.m. The sky was very blue. The trees and bushes had heavy frost on them and they sparkled in the sunshine. The ground also glittered and sparkled. I commented later that I am always astounded at the detail God put into His creation. He didn’t have to make snow glitter, or many different shades of colors, or mirages that reflect the sky even though there aren’t actually puddles of water. I find these little touches of beauty awesome.

We sat in the waiting room long enough for JJ to fill out his daily blue form indicating how he’s feeling and then Chris, the awesome Patient Care Technician, was at the door exclaiming enthusiastically, “Double J, COME ON DOWN!”

We were in a new room today: Infusion Room 5. It was a private room with a window across from the kitchenette. It was small, but very pleasant. I enjoyed watching people pass our door and stop at the kitchenette. The major topic of conversation today was the Super Bowl and how awful the Broncos were.

Today was JJ’s short session of Chemo. We were at the Cancer Center for only a couple of hours. JJ only had to receive a bag of saline solution and Bleomycin, along with Benadryl and Tylenol. JJ always gets his primary anti-nausea medication injected into his IV during each day of Chemo to prevent nausea, but usually not on days when he only gets Bleomycin. However, because JJ had struggled with nausea all weekend, the nurse injected it into his IV today.  Kim was JJ’s primary nurse. She is one of our favorites.

JJ always has his blood pressure and temperature taken at the beginning and ending of each Chemo session. Today his blood pressure was very low, which the nurse said could indicate that he was dehydrated, so she gave him extra fluids. We mentioned that JJ had complained about being a little short of breath yesterday. Bleomycin can affect the lungs, so at the end of his Chemo session the nurse listened to his lungs. She said they sounded good. Because the Chemo tends to lower JJ’s white blood cell count, JJ was given an injection of a med that will boost his production of blood cells. This particular medication makes JJ’s bones ache for several days afterwards so that he’s miserable. So far JJ isn’t aching too badly.

When we got home, we had leftovers for lunch. I was very tired because I hadn’t sleep very well last night. I just couldn’t get comfortable, and then Danny wanted out during the wee hours of the night, and then towards morning I felt cold. I felt very sleepy so I ended up taking a nap for a bit. While I was asleep, JJ had bad diarrhea. Then later, EJ had diarrhea so he took the night off from work. I’ve also been struggling with it a bit. So it looks like we might be getting sick or something. Hopefully JJ won’t have too bad a problem with this. Getting dehydrated could cause him to end up in the hospital–something none of us want.

Mostly we are doing well. This is merely another difficulty with have to deal with and get through.


One Comment on “Today at the Cancer Center

  1. You all are struggling and JJ is really having a battle to conquer that nobody ever wants to do.But in all the problems the sickness and whatever comes across your path you are really shown as children of the Father . Full of grace and even in the deepest trouble just going on. I hope that you are nog getting sick all three and it will be better today. But Teri please take also care of yourself in sleeping and so on. When you are down the problems are much bigger to handle. Wish I could come over and help you out. Now I only can pray. ((((hugs))))) Love you ❤


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