Spaced Out

Every day this week, I told myself that I needed to write a post, but that’s as far as it got. I’d sit down with my computer to write and my mind was a blank.  It didn’t help that my space bar was/is being resistant. I have to tap my space bar very hard or several times in order to get a space between words. Which means if I try to type as fast as I usually do, mysentencesbecome allruntogether,which isveryannoying. I (tap tap tap) just (tap tap TAP) haven’t (tap tap) been (TAP) motivated (tap tap tap) to (tap tap) make (TAP tap tap) the (TAP) effort (tap tap) to (TAP TAP) put (tap tap tap) spaces (tap TAP) in.

JJ’s third cycle of cancer was very tough. He struggled with a lot of nausea and vomited several times. But Wednesday he finally began to feel better. He is now pretty much back to normal, although he is struggling with mouth sores. He has only one more cycle of chemo left. Yay!!

Tuesday night we got 4-5 inches of new snow. The next morning there were lots of accidents and sections of highways were closed off so we were glad we didn’t have to go anywhere. We have lots of snow on the ground now. I love it when it snows and we can stay home.

Danny's hair.
Danny’s hair.

Every once in a while my dog Danny begins to shed. His hair is very strange–very thick and sort of like the texture of wool or felt. When he sheds, it comes out in clumps and is all over the house. Each time I brush his hair, I get lots and lots of hair out. Yesterday I brushed his hair two or three times and each time I got out enough to fill a grocery bag. EJ went to throw something away and there was so much hair in the wastebasket that at first he thought it was a cat. The amount of hair Danny sheds is incredible and always amazes me. I don’t know why Danny starts to shed when it’s still cold out, but he does.

The bread we bought today at the bakery.
The bread we bought today at the bakery.

This morning we had to go to the city for JJ’s weekly blood draw. The hospital has a dozen labs located around the city. JJ likes going to the same one every time because he knows the staff is skilled and won’t hurt him when they draw his blood. However, we went to a different one today–one located near the bakery. After JJ got his blood drawn, we stopped in at the bakery to buy Challah Bread for Shabbat. JJ always tells me that my Challah bread is much better, but the bakery’s bread is good and it’s nice when I don’t have time to make my own. In addition to the challah bread, we each chose a loaf of bread: I chosen pumpkin bread swirled with cream cheese, EJ chose honey wheat bread, and JJ chose garlic cheese bread. And EJ bought a package of Monster Cookies. Yum.


JJ said, “This garlic cheese bread would taste really good with bologna….”  so we went to the meat market for our favorite Old Fashioned All Beef Bologna. I let JJ buy some garlic jack cheese too.

Then we drove back home. We celebrated Shabbat together and our meal was bologna and cheese sandwich on our choice of bread. Not fancy, but good.

After EJ left for work, I walked to the post office. It was COLD. I didn’t realize how cold it would be until I started walking. Brrrrrr. We didn’t have any mail that was good enough to make it worth walking in the cold, but I also stopped at the bank and then to the little store for milk, which did make the walk worthwhile.


6 Comments on “Spaced Out

  1. We feel your exhaustion and pray your weekend will be peaceful and quiet, still going to be cold so stay inside and enjoy a board game with one another.
    We took pity on our squirrels and bought 35lbs. of corn cobs and they are having their fill, at least they are leaving the bird feeders alone, we also have a possum living under our duck barn, been a hard winter for our wildlife.
    Our prayers are with you all,
    God bless,


  2. Dear Teri yes you are totally worn out all of you I think but it must be hard when you have a blank mind and nothing to write. I wish I could be there to help and to comfort.But I’m glad that JJ is feeling better and YAY just 1 round of chemo to go that is a heavy burden to take but the end is near . You really have winter and we have still autumn and if it is staying that way we will go over from autumn in spring. No winter at all and that doesn’t feel okay either.Danny must be an amazing dog with all that hair I have never see that before….But all your pets are special when I tells people about JJ’s cat who goes to the bathroom 🙂 Hope and pray you will have a calm and peaceful weekend. Love you all and giving (((((hugs))))))


    • Simone, we do get physically tired although our spirits remain good. On our “off” days when we have nothing to do, our bodies feel like they shut off to recharge 🙂

      Our pets really are special. Luke is so smart that sometimes I think he can almost talk. What is scary is that when he looks at me intently and chatters, I know exactly what he wants. 🙂 The other pets are special too. I have never seen a dog with hair the texture of Danny’s. I don’t know how he can shed so much and still have any hair left on his body. 🙂


  3. They are really amazing your pets, and that is the enjoyable part of having them. I hope to find kitten or cat this spring . I miss having a garden and sometimes I’m thinking of moving…Well just have to wait and see. 🙂


    • Oh, I hope you can get a kitten! They are so loving and interesting. And it would be nice if you could have a garden. 🙂


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