The Hawk

EJ had to go to work this afternoon, but we had a quiet, restful morning together. I made french toast with Challah Bread and then we studied the Parashah, or Scripture portions, together. Afterwards we watched a Netflix movie called “Owd Bob. The story was quite predictable, although pleasant enough, but we mostly watched the movie because it was set in the beautiful Isle of Man. We loved the scenery. We stopped watching before the end of the movie, though, because I suspected that an innocent dog was going to be shot for killing sheep. I couldn’t take it.

Yesterday JJ and I were sitting in the living room when all of a suddenly…WHAM!…a bird slammed into our window where the bird feeders are located. I leaped up and rushed to the window expecting to see an injured bird or two lying on the ground. I was not expecting to see a hawk lifting a mourning dove into the air. Wow! I tried to see where it took the dove, but it quickly flew outside my field of vision.

I imagined what would have happened if the hawk had hit the window that hard in the summer when the screens were in. Would he have knocked the screen out and fallen into the house? What chaos and danger it would be to have a hawk in the house, and a dog, and four cats, and us!!! Yikes!

This morning EJ looked up and saw the hawk sitting on the top of the bird feeder hook just before Timmy rushed the window and scared him away. He said it was a Cooper’s Hawk. I was able to see the hawk fly off into a neighbor’s pine tree across the street, but didn’t see him sitting on the bird feeder. It would have been awesome to see him sitting there, just a couple of feet from our window.

Now I am sitting in EJ’s chair where I can clearly see the bird feeder. I have my camera next to me so I can take pictures of the hawk if he returns. It sort of makes me sad to have a hawk killing the birds, but I think it’s all part of the life and death drama of life. Hawks have to eat too. I never knew that feeding birds could be so dramatic. I think the bird feeder has more suspense and drama than anything on TV.

So that’s pretty much how I am spending my day: Watching the drama at the bird feeder.

4 Comments on “The Hawk

  1. I agree that it can definitely be traumatic! I still remember the time, while living in Ohio, that a blue jay swept into our mourning dove nest and stole a baby. I guess the doves come by their name naturally…. *sniff*


    • We didn’t put up feeders before because we’ve always had lots of cats–in the early years they were all indoor/outdoor cats–and we didn’t want to lure the birds to their deaths. I never knew how life and death dramatic bird houses and feeders can be.


  2. You really have a interesting life even with the bird feeders ……hope you will catch the hawk with your camera……..


  3. Oh Teri! I had to laugh! Can you imagine the chaos if the hawk would have flown in? Can you imagine what I would have been like if I would have been visiting?! :/ My dad does not like the hawks bothering their birds either. He likes to figure out how to prevent them from stealing his beloved birds. (What a waste of time if you ask me! 😉 ) thanks for the adventurous story! 😉


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