We made it through yesterday’s Chemo ok. JJ hasn’t been feeling very well this week, but he hasn’t been vomiting so that’s good.

I slept in EJ’s lazy boy chair last night. It’s easier to sleep near JJ so when my alarm goes off to give him his anti-nausea med, I can get up, give him the med, and go back to sleep without fully waking up. About 5 a.m. our cat Kee-Kee woke me when he crawled onto my neck and fell asleep. Lately he has preferred to sleep up near my face. It’s sort of difficult to sleep with a heavy cat on my neck, but also kind of interesting. Little Bear and Luke were also sleeping on me, one on my legs and one on my lap. I love cats sleeping on me.

We had to be at the Cancer Center at 8:30 a.m. again today. We were in Room 4 today. Sue was our primary nurse. She is one of our favorite nurses. She told us that she was glad she was able to care for him today, because she hasn’t been his nurse for a while. She said that JJ is one of their favorite patients and the nurses all “fight” over who gets to care for him. She said they all say”I will take care of him today,” “No, I will!” “No, me!” It’s nice to hear that about my son. JJ is always really polite to the nurses and thanks them whenever they do anything for him.

Tomorrow is JJ’s last week of Chemo. All the medical staff has been commenting that this is his last week. Today the doctor’s secretary stopped in JJ’s room to give us the appointment times for JJ’s CT scan, Pulmonary Function Test, and next appointment with the oncologist. She also said we should be getting a call soon from the hospital in Indianapolis to set up a date for JJ’s surgery.

Nasty weather was forecast for us today: freezing drizzle, heavy fog, high winds, and thunderstorms. I was concerned that the drive in would be slippery, but the bad weather had not yet reached us so the drive was uneventful. It snowed very heavily for a couple of hours, and there were reports of “thunder snow” in many counties but we didn’t hear any in the Cancer Center. Bummer. Shortly before we left the Cancer Center it began to drizzle. EJ said it was quite slippery on the way home, but he drives so skillfully that I couldn’t tell.

After we got JJ settled at home, I walked to the post office, the bank, and the little store. The sidewalks were all slushy. I’m hoping it doesn’t get cold tonight before EJ gets home from work so he doesn’t have to drive home on icy roads. We could also get rain, which could cause flooding, and high winds. I will be glad when EJ is safe at home.

One Comment on “Thursday

  1. I’m so happy it is the last chemo week for JJ but also for you too. You have been amazing parents and still a road to go. I’m praying daily and I wish you today a uneventful drive to the centre and back and than a very quiet Shabbat and lazy sunday to get all the rest you all need. Love you ((((hugs))))))


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