Cancer Center Goodbyes

Today was a very special day because it was JJ’s very last day of Chemo. I think the three months of cancer took forever to get through and yet also went very fast.

Today JJ had a nurse we had never seen before. Pamela told us that she works in the radiation part of the Cancer Center, but usually helps out in the Chemo part every other Friday. We just never were in Chemo on the same Fridays as she was. At first I felt disappointed that on this last day we didn’t have one of our regular nurses, but Pamela was kind and funny and we were glad to have met her.

It was sort of a bittersweet day. We are overjoyed to be done with Chemo, of course. Cancer is a nasty, horrible, no good disease and Chemo is rough, especially with the intense regiment that JJ had. It’s rough on the cancer patient and rough on the families.

However, the medical staff was awesome. They were kind and compassionate, cheerful and supportive during a very difficult journey. It’s sort of hard to say “goodbye” to them. All day they were saying “This is your last day! Yay!” At the end of the day, Pamela gave Jared a rose and a little plaque with “Ten Commandments of Cancer Survivorship” on it as a goodbye gift from the Chemo staff to him. That was unexpected and sweet. Many of the staff also gave him hugs. We will stop in to say “hi” to them during follow-up visits with the oncologist.

I took pictures of all the medical staff who had cared for JJ. I didn’t let any of them escape. Well, most of them. Some weren’t here today, so I wasn’t able to get their pictures. Bummer. But at least I got pictures of most of them. (You can click on the pictures to make them larger and to read the captions.)

JJ isn’t feeling well today, and he will still have a rough day or two, but once the Chemo gets out of his body he should start to feel better. Now he just needs to have some medical tests and a visit with the oncologist. At that time we will learn more about where we stand with this cancer. JJ will also need to have surgery to remove the cancerous lymph nodes.

4 Comments on “Cancer Center Goodbyes

  1. You have been and inspiration to all of us and we are so glad for the day to come to the end of this part of the journey. We love you all and will be keeping you in our prayers, JJ get the rest you need and we will see you soon.
    Love ya, Linda and Bob


  2. I’m so glad that this journey is over and I fully understand the feeling of leaving that place and miss the people who have been so sweet and loving towards you in a very special time in your lives. I loved all the pictures but for sure the one with you there on it!!! Hope that Jared will have time to rest and recover from the chemo and we keep on praying for the time to come. Love you all and Shabbat Shalom ❀


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