Someday I will braid EJ's beard like this
Someday I will braid EJ’s beard like this

Yesterday morning we took JJ to have the lab tests that the surgeon wanted him to have before we meet with him. The Phlebotomist (the woman who took his blood) was one he had had before. She’s always pretty solemn when we first enter her room, but we keep up a funny banter and after a while she started smiling. While JJ was off having a second test, EJ and I sat in the waiting room. I saw a couple very long hairs on his beard and I went over and gently tugged them to see if they were loose or had grown longer than the rest of his beard. The Phlebotomist saw me, and I told her that when EJ’s beard grew long enough, I was going to braid it like a dwarf’s beard. She laughed very loudly and said, “You could also braid beads into his beard!” She laughed loudly again, and laughed as she went into her lab room, and kept laughing and smiling for a long time afterwards. We like making people laugh.

Later in the afternoon, our pet-sitter came over. She’s going to stay at our house while we are gone. I showed her where everything is, and how to use things, and how to care for the pets.

Beginning to Pack
Beginning to Pack

Yesterday I dragged out our suitcases. I got the biggest one for me, the medium-sized one for EJ, and the smallest one for JJ. I have the most stuff, EJ the next stuff, and JJ will only need a few things because he will spend most of the week in hospital gowns. Looking at our suitcases, I feel like the Three Little Bears.

This afternoon I did laundry. I will probably do laundry one more time before we leave to make sure all our clothes we plan to take with us are clean and so we don’t leave any dirty clothes in the hamper. I started to pack my suitcase today.

My friend in Texas and I got on Google+ video chat and together used Google Maps to locate the hospital and the hotel, as well as nearby restaurants and grocery stores. We also looked up restaurants within the hospital, and other patient/visitor information. For some reason, my friend’s “Google Map” program let her find the “nearby” information while mine didn’t, so she copied the info and emailed it to me, and I printed it out and put it in an envelope to take with us.

Tomorrow EJ has to renew his driver’s license. We also plan go to grocery shopping to get a few things for our pet-sitter as well as some stuff to take with us. We also will get a cheese cake for EJ’s birthday, which is Thursday. Friday we have to pick up our rental vehicle.

The days are moving fast. I’m trying not to think too much about the surgery because it makes me rather nervous to think of it. I will be so glad when it’s over and I know JJ is ok. One day at a time.

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  1. Dear Teri yes it is going fast and time flies as they say. But Abba is with you all and prayers are lifted daily. It is the only way just to take it one day at the time. I was in hospital myself yesterday to let them remove an inflammation in my jaw. I look like half myself and half someone else with a very thick face. So have to take it easy and with icepacks and painkillers I will survive….So time enough to think and pray for you guys…. And I really love the idea of beads in the beard of EJ…….He would look like a shining star with it 🙂


    • I’m sorry you had to go to the hospital, Simone! I hope you recover quickly and have no more inflammation! Much love to you!


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