5, 0, 2

For the last few weeks, ever since JJ’s surgery was scheduled, I have been giving ourselves a task or two to accomplish every day. That way we get everything done that we need to get done without getting overwhelmed.

This morning’s task EJ and I going to a nearby Secretary of State office to get license plate tags for the car. When I told my friend that we were going to the Sec of State office, she was very impressed, thinking that we were going to THE Secretary of State’s office in the capitol building. Apparently, in her state they call it the DMV–Department of Motor Vehicles. It’s probably the same thing but called different names.

After we got that task accomplished, we went to the grocery store to buy a few groceries for our pet-sitter as well as a few things for our trip.   Since we will have a kitchen in our hotel suite, we will eat breakfast each day before heading over to the hospital to sit with JJ.

Tomorrow we are pretty much taking the day off, with no major errands planned, so we can quietly celebrate EJ’s birthday. Normally we would have gone out to eat to celebrate, but we need to save our money for the trip to Indianapolis. So instead I will make him a meal and we will have cake.


I bought EJ a birthday cheese cake while we were shopping today. He had chosen to get a sampler cheesecake, with several different kinds in one. I also bought three birthday candles. My family thought I was very clever (and so did I) because I bought  5, 0, and 2 number candles. Those three numbers are all the candles needed for all of our birthdays for the next year: 20, 50 and 52. In addition, I told my guys with pride, I have also bought candles for our 205th birthdays, as well as our 250th, 502nd, and 520th birthdays. JJ was like, “Um, I think you are getting ahead of yourself…” and EJ said, “Before I worry about my 502nd and 520th birthdays, I am going to concentrate on reaching my 205th birthday.” 😀

Every day I have been packing a little bit. I have a lot to pack. I have to pack not just our clothes but also toiletries, books to read, our computers, power cords and cell phone chargers, extra batteries, food and snacks, information needed for Indianapolis, and so on. It’s a lot to think of and pack, so rather than wait until the last minute, I pack all the things that I can pack ahead of time. Meanwhile, I also have to think of all the things our pet-sitter will need while she’s at our house.

We all agreed that if it weren’t for JJ’s surgery, our trip to Indianapolis would be fun.


2 Comments on “5, 0, 2

  1. So I think with so far ahead thinking( 502,205etc) that trip will be okay in all you have already done so far. Praying Teri for the trip itself the preparations and the operation. I will send EJ flowers on his birthday on Facebook………love you all ❤


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