We left home at 10 a.m. this morning for our trip to Indianapolis. The weather was perfect–blue skies and warm-ish temperatures. We were all in good spirits and the trip was fun. Too bad JJ has to have surgery. I told JJ that next time he does NOT get to choose our vacation destination.

I texted my friend as we drove along. I told her the cities we were passing through and she followed our journey using Google Maps. She let us know how many miles we had left to travel, the location of restaurants, and other interesting information. It was fun.

After we had driven for an hour or two, we stopped at a gas station so we could use the restroom. When I got out of the restroom, I went through the door leading outside and stopped in confusion because I didn’t see gas pumps or our car. Oops. I had gone through the wrong door and was on the wrong side of the building. Yup, I can get lost even in a gas station! I went back inside the station and found the correct door. Whew!

About 1 p.m. we decided that we were all STARVING so we began to look for a city where we could stop to eat. We stopped at Andersen. We stopped at two restaurants and they were totally packed with long lines of people eat out after church. We noticed then that all the parking lots of every restaurant we passed were filled with cars. We decided that we would keep driving. We figured that by the time we reached the next city, the after church crowd would have finished eating.

We found a restaurant called “Five Guys, Burgers, and Fries. in a city called Fisher. I had never heard of it before, but both EJ and JJ had heard of it. They said that it was said to have the best burgers in the USA. We discovered that the restaurant had no frills and they do not advertize their business at all, except for a sign on the highway. When we walked in, it was (apparently) obvious that we had never been there before, so the cashier, whose name was Zach, explained their menu and procedure. He was great. The food was good too.

EJ almost never gets lost. Ever. He can find his way ANYWHERE. That is very comforting for a person like me who has a super-weakness of Lostness. However, Ej has gotten lost TWICE before while driving through Indianapolis. TWICE. So I envisioned wandering helplessly through the city. However, with me reading off the directions from a brochure, he easily drove us to the hospital where JJ will have his surgery. It is like a university, with many, many various hospitals grouped together. It is HUGE. We located the cancer center where JJ will have his consultation with the surgeon tomorrow, and the main hospital where he will have his surgery. Then we drove to our hotel.

The hotel is only a few minutes away from the hospital. We arrived a little early and the room wasn’t yet ready for us, so we walked to a playground behind the hotel just to stretch our legs. Then we went for a drive. We passed the stadium where many people were arriving for a big basketball game between UCONN and MSU (Go MSU). Hopefully they won’t riot after the game like in some places. We also passed the speedway where the Indy 500 is held.

Our hotel room was ready when we got back. This is a hotel specifically designed for long-term residents. I’ve never stayed in such a place before–I mean one for long-term residents. The suite is pretty nice. The hotel gave us a list of restaurants that will deliver meals to our room. We are thinking about ordering out…maybe pizza? Tomorrow after JJ’s appointment, we hope to shop for a few groceries. We are too tired to go anywhere tonight. We won’t need many groceries because we will stay with JJ in the hospital most of the day and probably eat at the hospital most of the time.

Now that we are here, we feel tired from all the travel so we are relaxing. While I write this post, EJ is watching the game that is happening just across the river.

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4 Comments on “Indianapolis

  1. I have seen those construction figures on the roads in Indiana when I go to Muscatatuck for training (south of Indianapolis). Glad your travels were good and that the sun was shining.
    You did get a nice room for your time away from home!
    Good luck tomorrow and I will be thinking of you all.


  2. I’m happy that you are safe found your hotel in Indianapolis and it looks good to me. And now the days will come of the surgery and all that is going on with that. Praying and I’ll give you all a very big hug and specially one for JJ. Abba is carrying him and you two. Love you all ❤


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