Pre-Indianapolis Blessings

We are almost ready for our trip to Indianapolis, except for last-minute packing and tasks. Today is Shabbat so we had a relaxing day. We usually spend Shabbat studying, talking, and relaxing, and we did that today.

EJ works with a man who is the husband of the woman who works at our bank. Jeff is EJ’s boss’s boss. They are both very sweet, kind people. They planned to stop by today to visit before we left for Indianapolis to encourage us. Paula ended up not accompanying her husband because she has a cough. Everyone has very careful not to come around JJ if they aren’t feeling well. We really, really enjoyed Jeff’s visit. It was the highlight of our day (and quite possibly our week). He told us that EJ is an incredible  man and he feels honored to know him. I know that EJ is wonderful. I am glad that others can see it and that EJ could hear it.

Gift of Love
Gift of Love

Before he left, Jeff said that he and his wife wanted to give us a gift. He handed us an envelope with a sacrificial amount of cash in it. We have another friend who sent us money for a tank of gas. I feel so humbled by all the lovingly supportive people who God has brought into our lives during this time. I have no words to express my thankfulness.

After Jeff left, we all went for a drive in the rental car, just for fun. We first went to the post office because I had something that I need to mail TODAY. The post office was closed, of course, but I dropped the envelope in the mailbox outside the post office.

Next we drove to McDonald’s because JJ wanted to say “hi” to his co-workers before his surgery. The assistant store manager sat at a table with him and they chatted for a bit, as JJ updated him on what’s happening in his life. JJ said that he thinks that they’d accept him back immediately once he can work again. This doesn’t surprise me because JJ was an awesome employee. He was so hardworking and quick that his co-workers nicknamed him “the Grillinator” and JJ became “Employee of the Month” after working there only three months. One time JJ worked so quickly that the manager didn’t even realize until his shift was over that one of his co-workers had failed to show up.

The visits with Jeff and with the assistant manager were spirit-lifters for JJ–and for EJ and me.

We leave for Indianapolis tomorrow morning. I’m sure JJ won’t be feeling very well after the surgery, but we plan to enjoy the drive to Indianapolis and the time we have before the surgery. JJ’s has to be at the hospital at 5:30 a.m. (EST) on Tuesday. I will keep everyone updated about how he is doing as much as possible.


3 Comments on “Pre-Indianapolis Blessings

  1. Dear Teri, EJ and JJ, my prayers will go with you and my thoughts too. I feel privileged to know you all ( well from a distance but still) and to be part of your life in this voyage from JJ being ill to going to be well again. You are amazing people and I love you and pray for a safe journey to Indianapolis and blessings over the surgery and after that a safe trip back home. Abba Father will hold you all in the palm of His hand. ❤


    • Thank you, Simone! I, also, am glad to have “met” you, and it’s been nice to have you join in this incredible journey with us. Love you!

      “See you” in Indianapolis! :).


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