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After each major hurdle has been passed in JJ’s battle with cancer, I always think, “Ahhh! When this particular thing is over, we can REST!” But that is not really so. Or, at least, it hasn’t been so thus far. We still have busy days ahead.

I had trouble sleeping last night so I woke feeling exhausted. Wouldn’t you know that this would be the morning that the oncologist’s nurse called me back? Yesterday I was prepared for her call, but today I was groggy and I think I sounded sort of stupid. Oh, well. I asked my questions and either Friday or Monday JJ will have lab tests, Tuesday he gets his staples removed by our family doctor’s nurse, and Wednesday he has a follow-up appointment with the oncologist. At the appointment, I hope to learn when JJ’s port needs to be flushed and when we need to plan CT Scans.

I was going to call the surgeon’s office today to ask if JJ needed to have a follow-up appointment with him in Indianapolis–hopefully not because that’s a long trip!–but I decided that I would wait until tomorrow when I’ve had enough sleep (I hope) and can sound more intelligent.

EJ arranged to take the car into the repair shop tomorrow. He has to get up early in the morning, but he plans to sleep while waiting for the car to be worked on. Hopefully the repairs won’t be too expensive. I will stay home with JJ.

Our TV is indeed sick. Getting it fixed is farther down the list behind medical bills and car repairs. It’s kind of a bummer because we don’t need any more bills. Plus, we love watching movies…but at least we still have our computers.

Our friend Simone bought this "Surviver" shirt for JJ as a gift.
Our friend Simone bought this “survivor” shirt for JJ as a gift.

The weather was very nice today so I ended up doing quite a bit of walking. I walked to the bank and post office with EJ this morning. After he left for work, I walked back to the post office to buy stamps so I could mail some bill payments today. Then I took Danny for his daily walk, which he loves. Later, I cajoled JJ to take his daily walk. He went a little further today than yesterday. Then when I got him settled back in the house, I walked to the little gas station store and bought milk.

I had intended to paint my bird houses with varnish this afternoon, but I was so tired that I decided to take a nap instead. I dozed for less than a half hour and then I woke. I really wanted to sleep longer but, oh, well, it is what it is. I decided to paint the bird houses after all. I am hoping to put another coat of varnish on them later today. Tomorrow I want to paint the bottoms. Maybe we can get them up soon. Already sparrows are building a nest in the bird house we put up last year.

The young woman who stayed at our house and cared for our pets while we were in Indianapolis wrote a daily journal for me. EJ, JJ, and I enjoyed it so much that I asked her if I could share it with you all. She said that I could. Here it is:

Tuesday’s Prognosis

The humans are all still alive and doing well. The canine lives a very sedative lifestyle, but is otherwise doing well. The felines are very emotionally needy, but are doing good 🙂 The cactuses are thriving, but two of the other plants have died.

Wednesday’s Prognosis

The human is trying :/

The cats are obnoxious.

The dog needs a bath.

The plants are over watered 😦

Thursday’s Prognosis

The human has many chores left to do.

The indoor cats have a new hobby of puking in the back room where I walk.

The dog likes to go in and out many times but otherwise has angelic behavior.

The plants are all still alive except one that is dying.

Friday’s Prognosis

The human has done a great deal of laundry.

Timmy is much more trusting of me. Luke acts sad and like he doesn’t feel good. He was doing great the last couple of days.

Danny sleeps by the door only about 20 – 30% of the time. He loves to be outside in the yard.

The plants are all healthy but sunlight deprived.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This was our friend’s first time being on her own. She did a good job taking care of everything while we were gone. She said she had a lot of fun.



3 Comments on “All About Today

  1. Life is still a struggle that;s for sure, but just one step at the time Teri and you will get there someday. And again so many medical appointments are taking a lot of energy . Sorry to hear about the tv just watching movies is such a good way to relax ( I think). And I do hope with you that the car will be as good as new for as little money as possible. I think sometimes that there is always something in our life to be worried about when do we ever have real peace and quiet except for Shabbat I shut the door to the rest of the world on that day otherwise the 6 days in the week are to much to handle. I’m happy that the shirt arrived!!!! It worked!!! And JJ is really a survivor !!!!! Love you all ❤


    • Sometimes I think, “Really? The car has to break now…and the TV too?” but G-d is wrapping us in so much love and taking care of us so well that I can’t get too dismayed for too long. For example, yesterday after I wrote this post, I learned that someone had given us a sacrificial gift of money to help us out. She lives in another country and had sent it a few weeks ago and and we just now learned about it on a day when we learned that our car needs repairs and the TV died. Then I remember that G-d is caring for us in special ways and we don’t really have to worry about things.

      There are times I get anxious about things, but there are also times when when we go through these “wilderness” times when things are very difficult and we are in great need. In those times, we encounter G-d’s love and provision in a special way. Like a few years ago, EJ was given a choice of getting laid off or to keep working at a reduced pay. EJ chose to keep working. He got only about 2/3 of his normal pay, which stretched us financially. It would have been hard enough to live on so little, but during that time, our furnace died, both our cars died, and our roof started leaking. However, we never went hungry, a friend lent us a vehicle (and later sold it to us), and our roof got reshingled for the little bit of money we had in the bank which was far less than what it usually costs. We had a woodstove but little money to buy wood. However, we always were supplied with wood. I remembered one time, JJ and I went to bring in the day’s supply of wood and there was only a few pieces of wood left. JJ, who was pretty young, asked, “What are we going to do? We are almost out of wood. How will we stay warm?” I told him not to worry about it. G-d has been supply us with wood and He would supply us with wood again. We just had to wait. A little while later, JJ came running out into the kitchen yelling, “Mom! Mom! G-d brought our wood!” I looked outside and someone had driven up, unhooked a trailer full of firewood, and left.

      In difficult times, G-d cares for us in special ways. These times really are times of deepening faith. The difficulty (for me) is before I get to the place where I have few resources and I relax in our Abba’s care. Until then, I tend to get anxious.


  2. Teri we really are one of a kind because that works with me just the same. I’m getting worried and looking for a solution and seems to forget that G’D always will provide just right on time. I just want to know things in advance and that was what I had to learn and still am learning . What a beautiful story about the wood and JJ. And also about the money someone sent you. What I love about you is that you are able to make even things that are troubling you ( like a car broke down etc) and even more difficulty things like the battle around JJ sounds like a blessing. And very small happy things are really happy moments. I don’t mean that you see the fact as a blessing but you accept it and I can see shine your faith just in all those times difficult sad and happy. That is a very special gift Abba has given to His daughter. ❤


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