When EJ called the repair shop yesterday to make an appointment to get our car fixed, he was told that cars were repaired on a first-come, first served basis. He wanted to get our car in early, hoping that it would be fixed before he had to leave for work.

I set my cellphone alarm for 6 a.m., which is the time EJ wanted to get up. When the alarm went off, I struggled to the surface of sleep, woke EJ, and then submerged back into sleep.

EJ was home by about 10 a.m. with our car fixed. I braced myself to hear how much the repairs cost. I was relieved that it was only $500. I was expecting much, much worse.

Putting varnish on my bird houses.
Putting varnish on my bird houses.

I am doing little tasks and projects, but nothing too strenuous yet. Yesterday I was able to put only one coat of varnish on my bird houses. Today I was able to put the second coat on them, and then I was able to put two coats of varnish on the bottom of them. I think that they are looking nice, and I’m glad I put varnish on them instead of paint. Maybe in a day or two, EJ can get them installed on posts for me.

JJ’s hair is beginning to grow again. The very fine fuzz on his head isn’t very noticeable, but he now has eyebrows, a mustache, and hair on his chin. I told him that he now looks quite dashing. I take a picture of his face every few days so we can chart his hair growth. We are all trying to guess what his new hair will look like. We have been told that a person’s hair is often different after Chemo. It can be a completely different color or texture than it was before. We are trying to decide if his eyebrows and mustache are a darker color than before. (Click on a picture to scroll through larger pictures.)

Looking through my pictures to find before and after photos of JJ squeezed my heart. I thought of all the suffering he has endured between the first picture and the last one. He looked so young before he was diagnosed with cancer. Suffering has matured his face and given it character.

2 Comments on “Hair-Raising

  1. JJ’s incision looks a little red tonight. We are praying it’s not getting infected or anything. We will check it tomorrow. Prayers would be appreciated.


  2. Teri I’ll pray for JJ about his incision of course . And yes JJ was just a young happy boy before he got sick now he looks like a man and I’m proud of him as his Tante Simone….Love you and love your birdhouses too ❤


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