House and Gardens

This morning EJ and I went grocery shopping together. I’m glad he came with me even though he had to go to work this afternoon because shopping is always more fun with him. We have shopped together ever since we got married. I mostly wanted to get bird seed because I was almost out. I bought a bag of mixed seeds and a bag of sunflower seeds. We bought other groceries too.

After we got home, I put the groceries away and then made lunch. I was starving because I hadn’t eaten any breakfast. Usually I eat breakfast but I wasn’t hungry when we left home. As I was preparing lunch, I looked out the window over the sink and noticed a tiny wren exploring one of the birdhouses–the one on the left. I was beginning to think no bird would move into the house this year so I was excited. The wren went from one hole to another to another as if it were house hunting. I felt like telling the wrens how wonderful these houses were and that I’d give them a discount if they moved in today. Later I saw a wren try to take a stick into one of the holes. The stick was too big so it had to drop it. I didn’t see the wren while I was doing dishes. I so hope it is really building a nest in the house. Sparrows built a nest in the blue house that we put up last Spring. I suspect they have babies now because Mama and Papa Sparrow are very busy and I think I hear faint chirping.

We had bought a few herbs today which I had to plant, which meant I had to find a pot for them, so after lunch I decided to carry all the indoor plants out to the front porch for the summer. I think it is warm enough now. I planted a couple of the herbs in pots whose plants had died over the winter.

I decided to clean out my herb garden. We have two maple trees that are gorgeous in the autumn, but in Spring I always have zillions and zillions and zillions of maple seedlings growing EVERYWHERE. They are easy to pull out when they are tiny, but the bigger they grow, the more effort it takes to yank them out. And if they get too big, we would have to saw them down. If I don’t pull them out, we would be fenced in by a forest of maple trees in just a few short years. The young woman who took care of our cats while JJ had his surgery in Indianapolis said she was bored and she offered to help me. I think that if she is willing, I will ask her to pull out maple seedlings.

Anyway I got most of the herb garden weeded. I kept telling myself “Don’t overdo! Don’t overdo!” because I tend to get focused on a project and work at it until the project is finished or I’m exhausted, whichever comes first. I left the part of the garden where the rhubarb is for another day because I started to get too tired. I am feeling better, but I tire easily. I wonder if all the hours and weeks sitting in hospital rooms has weakened me physically. Probably.

It was very beautiful out today–sunny with temps about 81 degrees. Everything is bursting out with Spring. The tulips and daffodils have bloomed. I noticed that our lilac bush is beginning to blossom and the peonies nearby are growing but not yet blooming. The little Cherry trees near the feeders have blossomed. Working out in garden is very soothing even if it is hard work. It was really nice to work outside even just for a while.

I came inside, sat down, and drank some iced tea, and rested for a bit. Then JJ wanted me to come upstairs with him while he walked on the treadmill. He wasn’t able to do it as long as he had planned–he also tires easily–but it’s a good sign that he felt like walking. EJ says he is beginning to feel stronger. He thought about going to the home improvement store for fence pieces tomorrow, but it’s supposed to storm. The forecast says it will storm for the next two or three days.

When we came back downstairs, I did dishes. The I emptied the bags of birdseed into kitty litter containers. We use empty kitty litter containers for a lot of things, like storing birdseed, cat food, and dog food, or for buckets, and so on. EJ said on the way home that if we bought just three or four more bags of birdseed, we probably wouldn’t need to buy any more until next Spring. I said, “Ha! These bags won’t last long. The birds are pigs.” But they are also very fun and relaxing and educational to watch. I have never had so much fun. After I filled up the containers with birdseed, I took one out and filled all the bird feeders. Then I sat down with a glass of ice tea and I will rest for the remainder of the evening.

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3 Comments on “House and Gardens

  1. Love to read your story Teri and wonderful that JJ is getting stronger I’m so happy about that. I wish I could come over and just drink coffee of tea together and work in the garden. Wouldn’t that be fun ??? ❤


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