Hot & Cold

Our beautiful maple trees in the autumn.
Our beautiful maple trees in the autumn.

It has rained all week. At the beginning of the week it was very warm and humid, and there were several thunderstorms. One crack of thunder was so loud that poor Little Bear leaped up from the window sill where he was sleeping and dashed out of the room. In between thunderstorms, EJ put up a fence post or two, and I weeded the strawberry patch. I also pulled up millions of maple seedlings, but there are zillions and zillions more seedlings so I barely made a dent. Every fall I love our maple trees because of the beautiful flaming red colored leaves and every Spring I hate the trees because of the zillions of seedlings.

Mid-week the storms ceased but the rain continued and the temperatures turned colder. I had turned off our heat because of the warm days but turned it back on today because it was so damp and cold–in the mid-40s. When it was hot and humid I ordered a couple pedestal fans from Amazon. They arrived today but now it’s too cold to use them. That’s Michigan for you!

I continue to love the bird feeders and houses. I enjoy the lemony yellow of the goldfinches, and the beautiful Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks and Baltimore Orioles. I haven’t seen the Grosbeaks in several days but the Orioles visit the feeders every day. I love watching them eat the oranges I put out for them. In the last couple days I’ve seen the first hummingbirds this year visiting the feeders. I think Michigan only gets ruby-throated hummingbirds, but they are a thrill to see. The Sparrows have babies in the blue bird house. I can hear their faint chirping whenever Papa or Mama flies near. I believe wrens are building nests in one of the bird apartment houses but they seem to visit different holes each time I see them. I don’t know if that means that we have several wrens building nests or one couple can’t make up their mind about which hole to select.

EJ bought some hot peppers the other day. He saved a couple so he can plant the seeds but gave me the rest. Now that it’s cooler again, I set up the food dehydrators to dry them. The dehydrators put out a bit of heat so I didn’t want to get them going when it was so hot. Now my house smells like hot peppers.


One Comment on “Hot & Cold

  1. Happy to read that bit by bit you are enjoying normal life again Teri and been busy pulling out zillions of seedlings and still enjoy the maple tree’s because of there beautiful autumn color. Autumn is my favorite season. I love spring and winter too not so very fond of summer if it is too hot. But autumn is just my time of the year.We have this coming days also nice weather like 20-25*C. And that is enough for me everything on top of the is way to much. I had red about your thunderstorms and I think they can be pretty scary….Take care and keep on loving all the beautiful birds EVEN hummingbirds!!!!! who attend your feeders and birdhouses. You already have a full family of sparrows to enjoy…For you and JJ and EJ I wish you Shabbat Shalom and a very big ((((((((hug))))))) ❤


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