Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Last week was difficult for EJ. He has been very tired from working so many hours and his back pain has flared up, causing him great pain. Poor guy.


Thursday I insisted we get a new mower that works because I hate to have to keep asking EJ to fix the Stupid Lawn Mower when he is so tired. We went to a hardware store in the next town and bought the cheapest mower they sold. Our lawn is so small that it really isn’t worth it to get a more expensive one. This one doesn’t have the mulch bag that Stupid Lawn Mower had, which is a disadvantage, but it is lighter and it’s yellow, which is my favorite color. I thought of my friend Simone naming her roomba and imagined her telling me that I ought to give my new mower a nice name. I decided that maybe I should call the mower “Sweetheart” because the song “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” kept running through my mind.

Thursday afternoon I mowed the lawn. Sweetheart started on the very first pull of the cord, and I was able to mow the WHOLE LAWN, all of it, without it stopping. The grass in the back yard had gotten quite long so it was an effort to mow it, but Sweetheart was a trooper and tackled the job without protest. She even mowed the long grass in Danny’s pen. After I mowed the lawn, I was able to do other tasks, such as weed EJ’s garden areas for him. I worked all day until after 8 p.m. taking breaks when I got tired. Even though working in the garden is physically tiring, it is soothing to my spirit. I love working in the garden.


Since JJ was diagnosed with cancer, I have not prepared a big meal with all the trimmings for Shabbat because we have been so tired. At most we bought Challah bread and had a simple meal. Even though we haven’t always make Shabbat as beautiful as we wanted, we always rested, which is what Shabbat is all about. But yesterday I finally got up early enough and had the energy to make Challah bread. I used our beautiful tablecloth, picked a bouquet of flowers from my garden, and made a special meal. It was very wonderful to gather around the table and say the blessings.

Space.com posted that  “On Friday night and early Saturday morning (May 23-24), Earth will plow through debris shed over the years by Comet 209P/LINEAR. The result likely will be a new meteor shower, and possibly a spectacular meteor storm of 1,000 or so shooting stars per hour, experts say.” We’ve always loved going outside to look at astronomical events such as meteorite showers, eclipses, and comets so we set our alarms for 2 a.m. and went outside to enjoy a spectacular meteor storm. Although the night was clear, we saw nothing. We walked down the street hoping to get an unhindered view of the sky, but still saw no meteorites. Still nothing. We wondered if there was too much light pollution drowning out the stars, but reports from other cities were that not many were seen. Oh, well. The stars in the sky were still beautiful and we enjoy the night walk.

Today we rested, rested, rested.

Two sparrow couples have moved into my bird houses, one in each of the two “apartments.” It’s fun watching them bring grasses and sticks for their nests. Sometimes I see a long piece of grass sticking out from a house and then it’s slowly pulled into the hole.

We are now catching glimpses of the baby sparrows in the blue bird house when the Mama brings them food. Sometimes I see a little mouth opening. They are cute, like all babies are. I was able to take a picture of one baby sticking its head out of the hole:

Our balloons continue to make life interesting. I found one balloon in the back porch and don’t know how it got there. I moved it back into the house without getting a picture of it. However, here are a few more pictures:

4 Comments on “Let Me Call You Sweetheart

  1. Hahahaha i really love the name sweetheart for your mower I think it will really help to call him by such a sweet name. I definitely know it is a man of course…….What a beautiful Shabbat’s table Teri and yes Shabbat is all about rest and just having a very quiet time with our Father. Love the way the balloons are going just finding their way through the house. But I’m so sorry for EJ because pain is really terrible special when you have to work so hard. I’ll pray for him. And how is JJ doing better by the week or even by the day???I’m happy that you are even when you get tired , just enjoy working in the garden and I love all the birds who tell form one bird to another all over the USA that there is a very nice house with enough to eat and very nice people who love birds and where they can build a nest and have baby birds…. So wait and see they are coming from all the corners of the land……….Love you ❤


  2. Simone, I am glad you like the mower’s name! JJ tires easily so he will have to build up his stamina but he is doing well. It’s so nice to see him smiling and with hair again!


  3. I can understand that so very well and I still pray for you all daily…..And when Im think only THINK about a mower I directly start singing Let me call you sweetheart, I’m in love with you…..Only my parakeet looks like are you okay??????? ❤


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