Birds & Balloons

Yesterday I did not get out in the garden. Instead, I stayed inside and paid bills and reconciled the bank statement. Bleagh. I dislike both jobs, but they need to be done.

My two cacti. They are quite big now.
My two cacti. They are quite big now.

The forecast predicted bad storms overnight with high winds so I brought my two cacti back inside. I raised them from small nubs and I didn’t want them to break off. I also brought in all the bird feeders because I didn’t want them to blow off the hooks and get damaged. Through the night I was periodically awakened by loud booms of thunder. Usually we all get up when there are thunderstorms because we enjoy watching them-and we also keep alert for tornadoes. However, these days I am so tired that I just groaned and went back to sleep.

We had a lot to do this morning. We had to stop at the bank to deal with a problem. The student Amazon Prime had automatically billed JJ for another year, which caused an overdraft in his account. He was really worried about this and didn’t sleep well last night but our sweet friends at the bank assured him that it wasn’t a big problem, he has an option so the bank covers overdrafts and his credit rating wouldn’t be harmed. He was very relieved that it wasn’t exactly his fault and that he wouldn’t end up eternally shamed or in debtor’s prison. It was a learning experience for him.

After the bank, we drove to the city to take JJ’s laptop to a computer repair shop. The fan in his laptop isn’t working. The day was beautiful and we really enjoyed the drive. We had a lot of fun conversing with each other. We always talk about stuff whenever we are in the car together driving somewhere. Today we mostly talked about history, which we all enjoy.

I put the suet on a pole on the other side of the path
I put the suet on a pole on the other side of the path

We dropped JJ off at home, and then EJ and I went shopping. Our water isn’t all that good so once or twice a week we have to buy jugs of drinking water. We also had to get pet food and a few other things. I bought one more bird feeder pole to hang the suet on away from the other feeders because the Starlings mob the suet and I’m concerned that they might be scaring off other birds. After we had eaten lunch, I put the pole together and hung the suet on the other side of the garden path. I can still see the Starlings through the window, but they won’t disturb the other birds as much in this new location.

As soon as EJ leaves for work, I always take Danny for a walk. It was very hot (80 degrees) and humid today and I felt as if I was melting. Sometimes I think I am part snowman because I really do melt in hot weather. I could never live in the South. At the end of our walk, I dropped Danny off at home and then walked to the post office to mail some things.

A new sparrow family moving in.
A new sparrow family moving in.

While I washed dishes this afternoon, I noticed new sparrows building their nest in one of my birdhouse apartments. I think the wrens must have been scared away because I haven’t seen them lately. I miss the wrens, but I enjoy the sparrows too. I also saw a Robin land on the other birdhouse apartment. He had a worm in his (or her) mouth.

Later, I went outside and pulled maple seedlings from a section of the garden. It was hot, but there was a slight breeze so it was somewhat bearable. Annie and Rikki-Tikki-Tabby joined me and I patted them as I weeded. They usually join me whenever I work in the garden.

On April 1, the day JJ had his surgery, my friend sent him a bouquet of helium balloons fastened to a toy cat with ribbons. When I noticed that the cats were eating the ribbons, I cut the ribbons off, and the balloons floated to ceiling and stayed in one place. Over the weeks, as the helium began to slowly seep away, the balloons sunk a bit. Then they began to wander through the house. We find them everywhere, in all sorts of places: floating near our computers, at the kitchen window, in the shower. Early this morning EJ fell asleep in his recliner–or, rather, he tried to sleep. A balloon kept circling around him, repeatedly dragging itself across his body. The balloons seem to have a mind of their own, and we theorize that they are becoming sentient like in the 1956 short fantasy film, The Red Balloon that I enjoyed as a child.  I began taking pictures of the places I the balloons wandered to. (Click on a photo to make them bigger.)

I don’t think we have ever had so much fun with helium balloons. We are going to really miss them when they finally deflate.


One Comment on “Birds & Balloons

  1. Dear Teri, all the cats think you have brand new house pets to enjoy ……They love the balloons. I had one on Mothersday from my son Victor and it is hanging above my head in my study still at the ceiling so I wonder when mine is going to float around the house. So nice to see all the birds find a home in your birdhouses. It is nice weather here too like 23* C. And I’m enjoying my terrace outside and the plants on it, But still miss a garden although I couldn’t work in it any more. So it is okay how it is now…..I’M just like you ( of course because we are twins) I couldn’t live in the South in all the heath and never cold an snowy weather………I love the spring an autumn and winter but I’m not a summer person….at all…..Love you all three ((((hugs))))) ❤


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