Yesterday EJ, JJ, and I went to visit his sister and her large family.  We stayed all afternoon and had barbecue steak, chicken, potato salad, tuna salad, chips….all the foods families have when they get together during the summer. The best part of the day was visiting with everyone. This is the first time we’ve really got together with people since JJ was diagnosed with cancer. Toward the end of the visit I could see that JJ was getting really tired. He said later that he thinks he overdid it a bit. But we had fun.

On the way to EJ’s sister’s home, we drove through a little town called Pulaski. It’s really just has an old general store and a few houses. I think it’s really just a township and not a town. Every time we drive through Pulaski, we have a debate about how to pronounce its name. JJ and I think it’s pronounced PulaSKI with the ending pronounced SKI like the water or snow skiis. EJ says he’s been told it’s pronounced PulaSKY like the blue sky above. Without fail, as we pass through the town, we always say “It’s PulaSKI!,” “No, it’s PulaSKY!” “PulaSKI!” “PulaSKY!” We always tell each other that one day we are going to stop at the little store and ask the cashiers how to accurately pronounce the name of their town. They’d know, we figured, since they live there.

This is the old store we stopped at to ask how to pronounce "Pulaski"
This is the old store we stopped at to ask how to pronounce “Pulaski”

Yesterday on the way home, we were all three very tired so EJ decided to stop at the little store for some Coca Cola to wake us up AND to ask the cashiers how to pronounce the name of the town. I went into the store with him as a official witness. After EJ paid for the Cokes, I said, “Can I ask you a question? How do you pronounce the name of your town?” The older woman (the owner?) replied, “It’s PulaSKY.” EJ was getting ready to gloat in triumph when the other woman said, “No, it’s PulaSKI.” They had a lighthearted argument: “I’ve lived here all my life. You are a foreigner. It’s PulaSKY,” said the older woman. “I’ve lived here a long time. I once asked a Polish man who stopped in here, and he said it’s PulaSKI,” said the other woman.

EJ and I groaned. “You are no help,” we said. We went out to the car where JJ was waiting. “We asked how to pronounce the name of the town. Guess what the answer was?…One said PulaSKY and the other said PulaSKI.” The debate rages on.

This morning we drove to the city to pick up JJ’s laptop which was getting repaired at the computer shop not far from the Cancer Center. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful drive. JJ was overjoyed to get his “precious” back. When we got home, I fixed lunch and then EJ and I fell asleep for a bit. All three of us tire easily.

After EJ left for work, I walked Danny and worked a little bit in the yard. I didn’t do much outside because there were scattered showers–mostly just light sprinkles with a rumble or two of thunder. Also, it was very humid. I also brought the air conditioner downstairs and put it in the window. EJ’s company is always much hotter (20-30 degrees hotter) inside than it is outside, so it helps him to be able to come home to a cool house.

One Comment on “Pulaski

  1. It will be a secret for the rest of our lives PulaSKI or PulaSKY….really a big joke that even the people in the township itself are divided …..LOL. Happy that you had such a great visit that was to long ago. Hope JJ will feel better today after getting the rest he needed. And you both too it will take a while also for EJ and you Teri before you are back the way you were before this all happened. So please enjoy every bit of rest you can……<3


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