The Trip to the Nursery

Three birdhouses and two flats of plants.
Three birdhouses and two flats of plants.

This morning, after a pot of coffee and a trip to the bank, EJ and I drove to a plant nursery near his company. On the way we passed a garage sale and we decided to turn around and stop at it. I saw  three birdhouses, $7.50 for all three. They were made by kids, the lady said, but they looked pretty good so I bought them all. Then we continued on the way to the greenhouse

They have lots of big greenhouses filled with plants. I got a big cart and went immediately to the greenhouse filled with herbs and veggies. I got a flat of strawberries and a flat of assorted herbs: Golden Marjoram, Lemon Thyme, Caraway, Lemon Grass, two French Tarragons, Rosemary, Hyssop, Pennyroyal, Peppermint, Spearmint, Chamomile, Sorrel, Lovage, and maybe one or two others that I am forgetting. EJ and I filled a third flat with tomato, pepper, celery, cabbage, cucumber, butternut and acorn squash, and cantaloupe plants. Then we added two cherry trees and two blueberry bushes. Our car was bursting with plants and trees and birdhouses.

My strawberry patch. The herb garden is on the other side of the tall fence.
My strawberry patch. The herb garden is on the other side of the tall fence.

When we got home, I carried the birdhouses and two flats of plants to the table on the front porch, and the flat of strawberries near my strawberry patch while EJ carried the cherry trees and blueberries to a shady area in the back yard, all to be planted later.  After EJ left for work this afternoon, I took Danny for his walk and then I mowed the lawn so it would look nice for Shabbat. Sweetheart (my new mower) started on the first try.

After the lawn was mowed, I planted all the strawberry plants in my strawberry patch, adding the new ones to the ones already growing there. Then I planted the herbs that I want to bring inside over the winter into pots. I put some of them on the front porch and others on the little child-sized park bench under the lilac bush. Then I planted the rest of the herbs in my herb garden.  I don’t know how to use all the herb plants, but I will have fun learning.

Eric will plant the veggies in his garden soon, and he will plant the cherry trees out near the bird feeders. We are making a little dwarf cherry tree orchard there. We are not sure yet where we will plant the blueberry bushes. Tomorrow we might go to a different nursery and get some climbing rose bushes for the fence and some grape plants. Our yard is little, but it is packed full of good veggies, fruit trees, berry bushes, herbs, and .flowers.

When I finished all the planting, I got out EJ’s post-hole digger and dug a hole. Then I dragged a post over and set it up for one of the new birdhouses. I set it up so we will be able to see it from the living room window–the one in which we put the air conditioner in the summer. It is on the same side of the house as the other birdhouses, but further down. EJ said he will put the house on the post tomorrow. I’m not sure where I will put the other birdhouses. I will discuss it with EJ and he can help me decide.

After I got all these tasks done, I was very tired and my feet hurt very much. However, I took time to fill up all the birdfeeders, fix JJ some supper, and wash the dishes. I am going to relax for the rest of the evening. Although I am really tired, I had a lot of joy buying the plants and then planting them. There is something deeply satisfying and joyful about working in gardens.



4 Comments on “The Trip to the Nursery

  1. I just saw you both walking through the plant nursery and later how much you enjoy yourself with planting and giving plants to your garden in that way. I just have a very large balcony but I call it my garden and enjoy the plants and being working ( not as much as you can ) but still it is a place to be and enjoy.
    Life has sometimes moments we will never forget in the positive way and gardening is one of them……<3


    • If I lived in an apartment and had a balcony, I would fill it with plants too to make a garden. It’s amazing how much we love gardens and how we make gardens wherever we can. Makes me think that we were originally meant to live in a garden, don’t you think?

      I’d love to see pictures of your balcony garden someday, Simone. What do you plant? Do you have a table and chairs there to sit and enjoy your plants?

      To all my Readers: What are your gardens like?


  2. Amen to your comment about working in gardens. There really is nothing like getting into the dirt to make all the other things sort of melt away. I enjoy gardening most in the quiet morning when the sounds of nature are all you hear. Of course later in the day when the neighbors are mowing or cutting wood with the chain saw or cars are driving around, I crank up the tune box and that is fun too. Good luck with all the plants. I look forward to hearing what you do with all those herbs.


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