The last couple days have been hot and humid–today was worse than yesterday. Storms have been predicted for almost every day this week so I didn’t water the gardens yesterday even though the plants looked thirsty because I didn’t want to water unnecessarily. However, although the clouds looked dark at times, the storms all moved north of us any we didn’t get any rain.

Today we saw a line of severe storms moving toward us on Accuweather radar so EJ and I drove to the post office for our mail in the morning rather than wait for me to walk to the post office later. The library next to the post office had their “Book Sale” sign out so, of course, we stopped in at the library. When it comes to book sales, resistance is futile. We bought at least a dozen books.

When we got home, I took Danny for a walk. Usually I don’t take him until after EJ leaves for work, but I knew the storms would make an afternoon walk unlikely. It was so hot that I could feel myself melting. I sometimes think I am part snowman.

When the storms came, they weren’t that bad. We had a downpour that didn’t last long but not any real thunder. For the rest of the afternoon, we had light rain. I was glad for the rain to water my garden. It is still rather humid outside, but the temperature dropped to 68 degrees, which makes it bearable.

A slug in my garden
A slug in my garden

The mosquitoes had not been much of a problem for the last few days, but the rain caused them to flourish again. When I went outside to fill the birdfeeders, I was attacked. Sigh. I hadn’t worn protection since the mosquitoes had mostly left me alone, so they really got me good. I hate mosquitoes.

I also spotted several slugs in my garden. They are quite big and rather interesting looking. I didn’t know much about slugs because I have never seen them before this year so when I came back inside I googled them. I learned that they are a garden villain. Boo! Hiss! I read on the Garden Know How website that “Non-poisonous snakes and toads are the best animals to attract to your garden for slug control. These animals exclusively eat small pests and will not damage your plants.” This is why I am glad for the snakes in my garden. They are my friends. They eat bad things like slugs. I am hoping the snakes–and the toads–find the slugs and eat them all.

The Garden Know How site went on to suggest “Build small woodpiles and put out toad houses to create a home where these animals will feel welcome.” We have plenty wood piles in our yard because we have a woodstove, but I had never heard about toad houses. I looked them up. They, of course, attract and provide shelter for toads. Toads are good for a garden. They consume 100 or more insects and slugs every day.” Yay Toads! Although cute houses can be bought at places like Amazon, they are very easy to make. We already have frogs and toads in our yard, but I might consider making toad houses. However, snakes like to eat frogs and toads, so I wonder how to prevent the snakes from trapping and eating the toads in their cute little houses. Maybe I should just let the toads find their own hiding places.

A few days ago I was washing my hands in the bathroom after rescuing the sparrow from Annie’s jaws when JJ said to me, “You have a bug on your back!” He disputes this vehemently, but I am certain he then said, “Oh, my goodness….!” I had a sudden vision of a monstrous bug from a Science Fiction movie latched onto my back, inserting it’s stinger into my brain, and taking control of my mind. I panicked and yelled “Get it off! Get it off!” JJ said that I elbowed him in the stomach and almost pushed him into the bathtub. I felt very, very bad because in my panic, I completely forgot that less than three months ago, JJ had a large incision made in his stomach so a surgeon could remove a cancerous lymph node. However, in my defense I said, “How many times over the years have I told you NEVER to tell me that there is a bug on me but just quietly brush it off? How many times have I panicked when told there is a bug on me? EVERY TIME! So what did you think would happen when you told me THIS time that there is a bug on me? Duh!” JJ exclaimed, “You need to not panic, Mom! Seriously!” Like I can help it. I can admire snakes and spiders, bugs and slugs, and enjoy learning interesting facts about them, but NOT if they are on me!

My garden provides me with interesting adventures.



One Comment on “Slugged!

  1. Teri Sis I feel so intense with you and for you I’m so much the same really we múst be twins there is no other possibility. I scream when something is on me too and panic lucky me I have a son who does the same he is even worse than I am. So I’m still admiring you for only the thought of building a toad house and enjoy having snakes and so on. I’m less brave but I’m with you in hating mosquitos…..Poor JJ but I can see your point I would be the same in this. We have more colder weather like 18* C. and some rain and some sun. And that’s okay with me I’m dropping down when it gets really hot outside. Enjoy your day and al three a big hug from the Netherlands…..<3


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