Rainy Days

Today was a rainy day. Shortly after EJ and I woke up this morning, we had a downpour of rain. Of course, I went out to the front porch and took a video. I like rain. Heavy rain brings back memories of when I was growing up. Heavy rain would cause flooding at the corner of our street and the nearby intersection. We’d shout “Flood on Henry Street!” and as soon as we could, my family, many times including my Dad and Mom, would go wading in it. Probably not the most sanitary thing to do, but at the time it was fun and we suffered no ill-effects from it.  If it rained really hard, the water would flood further down the streets. One time it rained so hard that the streets were flooded for quite a ways. We had a small two-person sailboat and my Mom and a neighbor lady took it out, without the sail, and went floating down the street. A police car came driving by and the policeman leaned out his window and asked, “How’s the fishing?”

The streets don’t flood like that where EJ and I live, but I still enjoy a good heavy rain. Here is my video from this morning.

We had to drive to the city this morning to take JJ for a blood draw in preparation for the appointment with his oncologist on Friday. Friday’s appointment is just a followup to make sure all is going well. We still find ourselves relieved when the appointment ends and we hear the “all is good.” There is always some apprehension that it would be good news. Just today at Facebook the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation shared  a picture of a young man who just finished his treatment in January but has heard that his cancer has returned. Scary. But….one day at a time. JJ dreads getting “poked” for blood draws but he handles it well, with a sense of humor. We encountered some heavy rain on the way to the lab, which was fun. It wasn’t raining that hard on the way home. Two or three dozen classic cars passed us–going to an old car show somewhere?–and we really enjoyed seeing them.

After EJ left for work, I mixed up some bread dough and set it aside to rise. JJ hadn’t slept well last night so he went upstairs to nap for a few hours. I napped for a little while also, but then a cat woke me so I got up and punched down the dough, put it in the bread pans to rise again, and after checking radar to make sure I wouldn’t get stormed on, I took Danny for his walk. It’s was several hours late, but he’s just happy he gets to go at all.

After yesterday’s post about Borg Extroverts, I want to clarify that I do not dislike Extroverts. I think that they have a lot of good qualities. But so do Introverts. I enjoy that people are different. I think the world needs people who are Extroverts and people who are Introverts, people who are dreamers and people who are planners, people who are observers and thinkers and people who are doers, people who can speak out and people who can listen with understanding. I just don’t like it when Extroverts–some, not all–do not appreciate that Introverts are not like them, and who criticize our differences as if they are flaws. It’s the ones who want me to be like them with no appreciation for my individuality that I think of as Borgs.

4 Comments on “Rainy Days

  1. Loved the video of the rain Teri and I like it when it rains like that. I’m still in very much pain and feeling at the end of my rope. It is going from my back hip leg right to my foot. I do hope and pray that the physical therapist can relieve some of it. Painkillers just work a little. This is really over a year ago that I had this also on the other side. I know where it is coming from but the pain is so heavy. Please if you have time pray for me. I just feeling really bad…….<3


    • I am glad you were able to watch the video and that you enjoyed it. I do like rainy days!


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