The Doctor’s Ringtone

Yesterday afternoon, after I had taken Danny for his walk, I went out to see if there were any more ripe strawberries. There weren’t, but I noticed that some of the raspberries were ripening. So I took a bowl and went out to pick them. I got only a handful, but it won’t be long before I get more.

Even though I didn’t get any additional strawberries, I thought I probably had enough from previous days to make a strawberry-rhubarb pie. I picked some rhubarb and then spent the afternoon making pies. I had enough to make three pies–one 9 inch pie and two smaller ones–although the last one was a bit skimpy. They were delicious.

Earlier yesterday I walked to the post office to 1. check the status of the unsellable boxes and 2. buy boxes of one size or another. The Postmaster found out from his superior that if the boxes won’t scan then he can’t sell them. In fact, he needed to send the perfect-sized unsellable boxes back to the bigger post office in Detroit. Well, at least I know. So, since the perfect-sized boxes weren’t sellable, I bought three adequate-sized boxes and some bubble wrap to cushion the items I am sending. Then I came home and prepared the boxes for shipping. Today I mailed the packages. Finally! They are on their way!

This morning EJ and I went grocery shopping. We have always gone grocery shopping together, since we first got married. EJ remembers items that I forget, and I remember items that he doesn’t thing to get, and if we are pressed for time we can split up, so we are a good team. Also, it’s more fun to shop with him.

Doctor Martha Jones and Doctor Who
Doctor Martha Jones and Doctor Who

After we got addicted to Doctor Who, I changed some of my phone’s ringtones to Doctor Who theme songs. I hear the Tardis whenever JJ calls me. Any time any doctors call me, Martha Jones’ Theme from Doctor Who plays. Martha was a doctor, you see. so it just seemed appropriate that a ringtone from a doctor would be the theme music of a doctor who was friends with the Doctor on Doctor Who. This morning EJ and I were in the kitchen eating breakfast before we left to go grocery shopping when EJ shouted, “It’s the DOCTOR!” and he ran into the living room to get my cell phone. (Doctor Who fans will totally understand the absolute delight in being able to shout “It’s the DOCTOR!” and then take off running.) I shouted, “Answer it!” but EJ pushed the wrong button and the call went to voicemail instead. No worries. The oncologist’s nurse left a message asking if we could switch JJ’s appointment tomorrow from 11:40 a.m. to 8:40 a.m. because the oncologist. I called back and said that was fine, although it will require us getting up very early tomorrow. I’d rather get up early than have to reschedule the appointment. Appointments make us a little anxious because there is always a fear that the news will be bad, although we don’t expect it will. However, I hear often now of people’s cancer returning….

After we got the groceries home, and put away, and lunch made and eaten, and EJ had left for work, I took Danny for his walk. When I got back, I started making Challah Bread since I will be too busy to make it tomorrow.

I was tired by the time I got the Challah bread dough made and set to rising, and had washed dishes, but I decided that I would mow the lawn since the day was nice and it will be likely that we will all be really tired after our early morning appointment with the doctor tomorrow. I got the little area near the front porch mowed, but when I started to mow the area near the road, the mower died. I got it started again, but it ran slowly before it died. Sigh. I suspect that when I mowed under the tree and the hostas and other plants, the idle setting got pushed to too slow. If so, it will be an easy fix for EJ. However, I am not mechanical so that might not be the problem. It could just as likely be that I have a strange force in me that kills every mower that I come in contact with–like I am to mowers what kryptonite is to Superman. Or it could be that every mower on the planet hates me because they know I kill mowers so they all refuse to work for me. Maybe one day the mowers from all over town will come to my house to get revenge. Maybe computers, printers, and other electrical and electronic devices will join in. And then we will have a feud that becomes a war. It could get messy.

Stranger things have happened.


4 Comments on “The Doctor’s Ringtone

  1. You are too funny. I love that mower image. I seem to kill watches, I finally gave up wearing any and I guess it is ok since the invention of cell phones. I don’t get the Dr. Who, but the way you explained it, I was able to follow the thought process pretty well. Anyway, hope the appointment goes well, and have a great weekend.


    • I am glad you were able to understand my Dr. Who references. I wasn’t sure any nonWhovians would get it. 🙂 I also got rid of my watch when I got a cellphone. I wish I also had an alternative to mowers.


  2. Love to read your story in the very early morning and it brought the only smile on my face I have, because it was again a night with almost no sleep at all because of the pain. Also the new painkillers don’t do a very good job and I’m with them as you are with mowers. Hate them because they just don’t do their job. I do hope and pray that JJ and you both will have good news when you go to the oncologist. The Doctor!!!!! Praying and love you all ❤
    And Shabbat Shalom


    • I’m glad I could make you smile, Simone. I think my problems with my mower are easier to endure than yours with painkillers. I hope you can find something that works. I know you are suffering much pain. Love to you!


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