How Much Wood…

I had trouble sleeping last night. I think I finally fell asleep at around 4 a.m. I woke up at 7 a.m. something, and then only dozed for a bit more. Our sleep cycles are still not back to normal. A few days ago, EJ was staying up until 6 a.m. And poor JJ worked so hard at getting his sleep patterns fixed. He finally was sleeping at night and getting up in the morning, but the last couple of days he’s back to staying up most of the night and sleeping until early afternoon.

Although I only had a few hours of sleep, today was very busy. Actually, I think the busyness helped me stay awake.


Filling the truck with firewood.
Filling the truck with firewood.

Today EJ and I bought more firewood. Each trip involves loading up the pickup, driving home, and then unloading and stacking the wood in the woodshed. I’m always amazed that it never seems like all that much wood when it’s stacked at the farmer’s yard, but it completely fills up the back of the pickup truck. It always seems like a lot when we are unloading and stacking it at home. I was tired and sweaty when we were finished. I went in the house, poured a glass of iced tea, and sat in front of the fan until I cooled off.

Once I was cooled off, I suggested that we order take-out at the local diner. I called the order in and then EJ and I walked to the post office for our mail, and then to the diner to pick up our food.

Northern Leopard Frog
Northern Leopard Frog

When we had eaten, I went out and mowed the lawn. Today seemed the best day to get it done. With all the rain we’ve had, the grass had grown quickly. We have spotted several beautiful Northern Leopard Frogs in our yard so I kept an my eyes open so I wouldn’t inadvertently run over any with the mower. I did come across one, and I nudged it with my foot until he leaped to safety. The lawn looked really nice when I finished. However, I was hot and sweaty so I went inside, poured a glass of iced tea, and sat in front of the fan until I cooled off.

After a bit, EJ and I went back to get another face-cord of wood. We loaded the truck and drove home. On the way home, EJ noticed a grasshopper holding on to the hood of the truck. When we got home, he was still there, so EJ nudged him until he leaped off. We unloaded the truck and stacked the wood in the woodshed. I was very tired. My arms felt like lead. I felt like I moved very slowly. However, it’s really nice to see the wood stacking up in the woodshed. We now have three face-cords. We need at least seven more. When we finished stacking the wood, I was hot, sweaty, and very tired. I went inside, poured a glass of iced tea, and sat in front of the fan until I cooled off.

Several times through the day, Danny looked at me with anticipation, hoping for his walk, but I always said “Not now” because I busy with the firewood or lawn. After I had cooled off from unloading the second load of wood, I took Danny for his walk. By this time it was around 7 p.m. I was exhausted, but the evening was very beautiful and quiet, and I really enjoyed the walk.

I am now collapsed on the couch, too tired to move.

It's going to get colder soon.
It’s going to get colder soon.

We heard that the weather is supposed to turn cold next week. It might even frost. EJ and I are hoping to get as much firewood that we can this week. Tomorrow we are going to try to get at least two more face cords of wood–and maybe three.

3 Comments on “How Much Wood…

  1. That is some work you both are doing with all the wood to keep your house warm in the winter. I loved the sentence ” I was hot, sweaty, and very tired. I went inside, poured a glass of iced tea, and sat in front of the fan until I cooled off.” It was really funny to read that every time. And you will think back when its freezing the moments that you sat before the fan…:-) Here we have some kind of Indian Summer and nice but it is getting warmer than I like, so I hope that the cooler temp. will be back again soon. I’m so not a summer person….. I hope you will get all your wood ready in time It is so much more fun than just turn on the button of the central heating . I need really another home with a change to support myself….. Hope you will sleep better this night. Love you ❤


  2. Oh how you bring back memories when we had our wood burner in the home, it now has residence in the pole barn, for 10 years we cut, stacked and worked the wood piles, it was fun and good family time. I’m not sure the kids would ditto that last statement, but it taught them how to work and responsibility as each one had a job assigned to them according to their age. The night one of the older kids whose turn it was to feed the burner went to bed and forgot to do it was aroused from bed and put to the task, with a little grumbling but the lesson was learned and the home stayed warm til winter came to a close. He is now a manager for Hewlett Packard and knows how to stack the wood.
    Continue to have a blessed week and please take time to get the rest you need, you are needed and our love to all, Linda


    • JJ never liked helping with the firewood although he helped more as he grew older. This year we are not requiring that he help, of course.

      I think our most memorable firewood experience was the time the seller let us use his wagon to haul home the firewood. As we were unloading and stacking the wood, the skies opened up in a deluge of rain. We couldn’t stop, though, because we had to return the wagon before EJ left for work. So we three were working in the pouring rain, totally soaked within seconds and squishing with every step. We laughed and laughed as we worked. It was fun. Later, our neighbor told us that she and her husband had seen us. The husband was upset that we were working in the rain, “Why aren’t they stopping? They are getting soaked! They shouldn’t be out working in this rain!” She told him, “Shhhh. Let them be. They probably need to get it done!” LOL.

      Speaking of rain, it looks like storms are headed our way now so we might not be able to get as many loads as planned today. Hopefully the rain will stop later so we can at least get a load or two.


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