Yes, Sir, Yes, Sir, Three Loads Full…

I slept well last night. Duh. I was exhausted. When I got up this morning, first thing I did was check the weather radar. A HUGE amount of rain was headed our way. I thought, well, it looks like we aren’t going to be getting much firewood today. So I washed dishes (I was too tired yesterday), paid the bills, took out the garbage, and sorted the dirty clothes so I could wash the laundry when JJ woke up and brought down his dirty clothes downstairs.

EJ woke up and we ate breakfast. We checked the radar and thought we’d probably have enough time to get a load of wood before the rain hit. After we loaded the wood into the pickup, brought it home, and stacked it in the woodshed, we came back inside to cool off (and drink tea in front of the fan). I checked the radar again. The storm kept approaching and then retreating. We decided to get another load. We brought it home and stacked it in the woodshed.

JJ had been wanting to get another pair or two of jeans, so we drove him to the Hospice store in a nearby town. The local Hospice operates the thrift shop to raise money for its organization. I found a pair of jeans for me and a t-shirt. JJ found only one pair of jeans for himself. We bought a few used books and a couple other things. I told JJ we could also go to Goodwill if he wanted more jeans, but he said one pair was adequate and he wanted to go home.

When we got home, EJ and I went back to buy third load of wood. We unloaded it and stacked it, and then staggered into the house. We were tired, but I was not as tired as yesterday when I had had very little sleep. We now have six face-cords of firewood. Only four more left to get

We never did get any rain today. There is a chance of storms predicted for tomorrow, but we are planning to get two or three more loads if it doesn’t rain too much, and maybe another one or two on Sunday. We are working hard to get all our winter’s supply of wood this week while EJ has vacation days. We are working so hard that I think that if I have not sweated and worked myself down a size in clothes this week than life is totally unfair.  😉

EJ took a shower while I made supper. After we ate, I washed dishes, took a shower, and then got more laundry going. Then we sat down and watched a couple Firefly episodes on Netflix while I folded clean clothes.

Poor Danny didn’t get his walk today, but he didn’t really complain too much.


4 Comments on “Yes, Sir, Yes, Sir, Three Loads Full…

  1. Well great you got three loads of firewood on ONE DAY. You guys are amazing. You did so much more than the wood that I think you deserve a medal for it….Hope that you got today again much done than you have the lovely feeling of being ready for winter and let those cold days come…… Love you all three ❤


  2. All in all you have had a wonderful week, it’s lovely to look back and see the progress we have made and the efforts that pay off in spite of the threat of rain. I’m taking my coffee and going on the deck to watch the sun come up and get my daily prayers started and all of you are in them, love to all,


  3. Linda, Lucindales, and Simone:

    It has really been a good week. The weather has been beautiful so it’s a joy to get outside and work. It has been very satisfying to see the wood piling up in our woodshed, knowing we will be toasty warm this winter, no matter how cold it gets.

    But I will be very glad that Shabbat is almost here. I am looking forward to a day to rest! 🙂


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