1, 2, 3…

This morning JJ had an appointment with his oncologist. JJ and I were both really tired because we only got about 4 hours sleep. We never seem to sleep very well before a medical appointment. EJ slept really well.

We had a really nice drive to the Cancer Center and back. Our family always enjoys deep conversations about many subjects when we are driving around–and at other times too. We are a talking family.

JJ and I joked a lot while we waited for the doctor, as we always do. When the doctor came in, he said that JJ’s CT scans were good. After all the bad medical reports we’ve heard over the last year, we are now always slightly anxious when we go to the doctor and very relieved when the reports are good.

When we got home, JJ went immediately to bed. I fixed lunch (leftover soup) for EJ and me. Then I checked Google Maps. In June, the Google Car drove around our village. It passed me two times while I was walking Danny so I have been checking Google Maps every week or so to see if the maps had been updated and if I were there. Today, I found me and Danny! I found us at the two places that the Google Car had passed us. Later, I found us a third time in the distance. I think it’s funny that I am on Google Maps THREE times. I took screen shots so you could see us too. Here we are:

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I went searched through my village on Google Maps to see if I could see any more of us. I did see us from different streets and vantage points, but those were basically the three locations that we were at. I told EJ that I am now immortalized on Google Maps. It is hilarious and SO COOL!

One Comment on “1, 2, 3…

  1. So you are a famous lady I can watch you every time I go to google maps. It is really great. I would never know when that car is passing my neck of the woods. Have never seen it at all 🙂 Happy to hear that the scans were good happy for JJ and for you and EJ.That gives peace for the coming time. Hope JJ will getting stronger every week, and you both too. That would be such a blessing from being tired to have energy again. Love you all ❤


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