Come Little Leaves

My Favorite Color
My Favorite Color

The weather this week has been warm and rainy and rather gloomy. I don’t mind, however. I think rainy gloomy days in the autumn are just as beautiful as blue skies. Today it was a bit windy and the wind tore the leaves off the tree so it looked as if it were raining leaves. I was going to take a picture or video of it, but I forgot.

The other day as I was walking in front of my house on the way to the post office, a squirrel suddenly ran across the sidewalk in front of me. That’s not unusual. We have lots of squirrels in our area. However, this one made me laugh because he had a large ear of corn in his mouth. I’m assuming he stole from a neighbor’s feeder. He ran up my neighbor’s tree. I had my camera with me and wanted to get a picture of him, but he scurried to the other side of the tree so I couldn’t see him.

The squirrel in the feeder
The squirrel in the feeder

I moved the large tray bird feeder from the pole under the pine tree to the pole right outside the window so I could see it better. I saw a squirrel sitting in the feeder eating the fruits and nuts. Maybe it was the same squirrel as the run who had carried the ear of corn? I’m not sure how he got into the feeder since it’s not close to anything that he could climb. I called JJ over and we watched the squirrel together.

I have been watching the sparrows entering the birdhouses. I haven’t seen them entering the houses since they finished raising their last brood of babies at the end summer. I wonder if they seek shelter in the houses during the winter? This will be the first winter that I’ve ever had birdhouses, so it will be interesting to find out.

This morning I looked out my kitchen window and saw a little chipmunk scampering along the garden path. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a chipmunk in my yard. I enjoy the variety of wildlife that enjoys my yard.

When I was 2-years-old, and later my younger sister when she was 3-years-old, an elderly neighbor began taking us to church. Since we were from a family of six children and we were the only two who went to church, it was easier for us to spend Saturday night with our neighbor and then go to church with her on Sunday morning. All through my childhood until she died during my senior year of high school, we spent Saturday night and all day Sunday with my neighbor. It was a very special time and she gave us some special memories. Every autumn my neighbor would recite a poem. When we got older. We recited it with her. After she died, I continued to recite it. I used to recite it as JJ was growing up. I still recite it every autumn when I see the leaves dancing in the wind:

Autumn Come Leaves



5 Comments on “Come Little Leaves

  1. This is a beautiful autumn blog. I just love squirrels but I have just once or twice see one in real life. So you lucky one to have them in you garden !!!! I had to look up what a chipmunk is but it is also a beautiful animal. The poem I love and I steal it right away from you so I’ll been able to recite it in the autumn too. Did your neighbor also has poems for spring, winter and summer???? Just as lovely as this one??? 🙂 Wishing you all Shabbat Shalom and much love ❤


    • Simone, I just love to hear about different countries. It amazes me that you don’t have squirrels or chipmunks. They are very common here. Squirrels are always scampering among branches and trees, feeding from bird feeders, and gathering nuts. Chipmunks are common too, cut I mostly see them in wilder areas, not at my house.

      I do have a poem that I grew up reciting every Spring. I think it is my mother who said this poem every spring, although my neighbor might have said it as well:

      “Spring is here is,” said the Bumblebee.
      “How do you know?” said the Old Oak Tree.
      “I just saw a daffodil dancing with a fairy on a windy hill.”

      I don’t have a poem for summer or winter.


  2. Such beautiful memories from your childhood and to be able to continue the love of nature thru out your adult life puts daily magic into all the lives of others.
    Your dear neighbor was such a gift to you kids.
    Our yard continues to melt into this fall season, John mowed the yard yesterday and the leaves tell a different story of cover up. Probably will need to take the rake in hand but hopefully that will be a sunny day soon.
    Bob built us a squirrel feeder and installed it this summer, there is something peaceful watching nature prepare for the next coming season. Keep enjoying and hi to all.


    • Linda, I have not yet put away our mower because I hope to mow the leaves after they’ve all fallen down. It’s easier to mow them than rake and bag them. 🙂

      The squirrels left our bird feeders alone last winter. I think they didn’t know they were there. Now that they have found them, I expect to see them feeding from them. That’s ok. I like to watch them and they need to eat too. 🙂


  3. Yes they do and we feel the same way, last winter we went thru 70 lb. of corn cobs, it was really fun picking up the left overs this last spring.


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