Confessions of an Ewok Killer

EJ and I had a quiet morning browsing Facebook. (JJ was up all night so he slept until afternoon). Often we share with each other interesting or cute things we find while surfing the Internet. EJ shared a picture of a cute little dog that he thought looked like an Ewok, the teddy bear creature from Star Wars. The dog looked much like this one:

Dog that looks like an ewok.
Dog that looks like an ewok.
Ewok in the Battlefront game.
Ewok in the Battlefront game.

Whenever I think of Ewoks, I am reminded of our favorite Playstation game that we all liked to play together when JJ was younger. It was a Star Wars game called Battlefront. We owned both Battlefront I and Battlefront II. In the games, we could travel to various Star Wars planets and participate in battles. Usually we played as the Rebels and fought against either the droids or the clones. One planet we fought at was Endor, the planet where the Ewoks lived. I often liked to hide among the trees and snipe at the enemy, and it totally irritated me when the Ewoks kept following me and shouting “Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi!” I’d say, “Ssssshhhh! You are giving away my position! Get away! Shoo!” but they kept at it. “Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi!” “Stupid teddy bears,” I’d growl. “They are giving me a headache!” So I’d shoot one. JJ would always shout, “Mom! You can’t shoot the Ewoks! They are on OUR side!” “Ha! Watch me!” I’d say as I shot another one. ” Ok, so they were cute…but those little beasties really irritated me with all their yelling. JJ started ordering me not to shoot the Ewoks. “Oops! That time was an accident, JJ! I swear it!” After awhile, he refused to let me go to that planet at all.

I just asked JJ if he remembered me shooting the Ewoks. He gave me “THE LOOK.” LOL. Honestly, I don’t think shooting Ewoks is much worse than what JJ did in another PS2 game in which he drove the wrong way down the NASCAR track and deliberately crashed into other drivers–specifically targeting Jeff Gordon for some reason we never understood. I admit, the NASCAR demolition derby was exciting and we all had fun. Ok, so we are a bit weird.

Danny and I went for our longer walk today. Although it was cool outside, it was almost, but not quite, too warm for a coat. I have a friend who has a dog who is incredibly photogenic. I think he should be a dog model or something. It’s very difficult to take good pictures of my Danny because he usually just appears as a black blob and his personality doesn’t shine through.  However, today I was able to take a couple of cute pictures of him.

We suddenly have a lot of tiny little moths flying fluttering around in our house. We haven’t figured out where they are coming from. They are getting annoying. I feel like a cat chasing them down and swatting at them and I think EJ looks like a cat when he goes after them. We sort of look like Simon’s Cat in this video: Cat Chasing Fly.

Little Bear has been such a stinker ever since he escaped from the house a couple of months ago. Whenever we open the front door, he dashes for freedom. If we stop him then he waits until we open the door to come back inside and then he makes his break. I have lost count of all the times I have had to run out after him to bring him back inside. Sometimes I pause to slip on some shoes and sometimes I dash out in my socks which get all wet and dirty. I wonder if he thinks it’s a game? If Little Bear can’t get out, he stands by the door and meows plaintively. Until he started escaping, Little Bear hasn’t been outside since he was a tiny little black fluff who showed up at our door on a cold, snowy Hanukkah evening crying to be let in. We don’t want him to go outside at any time…and especially not this close to Halloween. It’s not safe for black cats.






2 Comments on “Confessions of an Ewok Killer

  1. Wow a whole new world of games I have never heard of is revealing before me…… 🙂 That poor cat he just love to explore the outside. 😦 Hopefully he will finally forget it and just be happy inside. Halloween is getting more popular in our country it never was. And I think ( just me as a person) that is it a horrible kind of celebration. It smells to me about death and ugly occult stuff. So I’m happy I’m living where I am and people can’t enter the apartment building just like that and ring my doorbell. I let it silently pass. That’s is maybe different in a country that always has kind of celebrated it . Love the pictures of the lovely little bear… ❤


    • Simone, we had a lot of fun playing the playstation games. The Star War ones were really fun, and so was our way of playing the racing games. 🙂

      When I was a child it was really fun to dress up for Halloween and go from house to house and get candy. However, when I grew up and learned about the dark meaning of Halloween I have not liked it. It’s sort of hard to ignore because Halloween is a big thing with decorations and lots of children going door to door. When JJ was younger, we often handed out candy just to be a friendly presence to the children in the neighborhood. Now we just sort of “lie low” and wait for it all to be over. Black cats are not safe to be out at such a time.


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