Hidden Hawk

EJ had three days off for Thanksgiving.

On Thanksgiving we went out to eat at Denny’s. The day after Thanksgiving, we cooked a turkey in the roaster so we could have leftovers. I enjoy Thanksgiving leftovers at least as much as I enjoy the actual feast.

We kind of talked about doing “something fun” on the days that EJ had off–like maybe a return to the bird sanctuary. However, Wednesday night EJ slipped and fell as he was headed for the car after work. He was in even more pain than he usually is so we encouraged him to take it easy and we had a two-day Doctor Who marathon on Netflix. We watched the whole first season of the modern series.

Today was very cloudy, gloomy, and damp. It was also almost 60 degrees outside. When I walked Danny this afternoon, I wore only a jacket.

Before EJ left for walk today, JJ glanced out the window and suddenly exclaimed, “There’s a HAWK!” We rushed over to the window to see it. JJ saw it fly down into our yard or I doubt we’d have noticed it at all because the hawk was so camouflaged. It took me a while to see it. The hawk was beautiful and awesome and it was thrilling to watch it. All the other birds made themselves scarce while the it was in our yard. They didn’t want to be lunch. Although I don’t enjoy watching the hawk actually catch a songbird, I really enjoy observing all the wildlife that visits our yard. The hawk remained in our yard for quite some time before it flew up onto the telephone wire. It sat there for a few minutes before finally flying off.

Of course, I took pictures. Can you see it?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also took a few short videos of the hawk. Here is one:



2 Comments on “Hidden Hawk

  1. This is great I saw a real HAWK just in your garden….WOW….And you are giving me snowflakes as well. This day starts really beautiful, because I ALSO heard your voice again……….. ❤


    • It really was thrilling to see the hawk. I think it was a Cooper’s Hawk. I was hoping to get a video of it flying away, but when he finally took off, I was not quick enough.

      I selected an option so it begins to snow on my blog every year at this time. Since it has begun to snow here on my blog, I had to change my header to our house in winter…..although it’s an older picture because we don’t yet have that much snow this winter. In fact, it’s been so warm in the last few days that the little snow we had completely melted away!


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