A Carpet of Birds…and A Cat Scan

Probably good gardeners prepare their yards and gardens for winter, but I am not a good gardener. I don’t do anything to prepare for winter–except, sometimes, raking leaves into the garden as a blanket for the plants. (I didn’t do even that this year.) Mostly I just let everything be in order to provide cover and seed for the birds and hawks and squirrels and snakes and, yes, probably even mice. The only thing I do is keep the bird feeders filled. Our yard is filled with hundreds and hundreds of birds feasting at the feeders.

After walking Danny or walking to the post office or bank, I always enjoy nearing my home. All the other yards look like normal yards should look…with grass and trees and occasional birds flying through. But our yard looks different. Our yard is teeming with life–with hundreds of feasting, swarming, swooping birds. When we get close enough, the birds all rise up in a cloud and fly around before settling again after we passed. I think it’s sort of magical, like a small oasis of wild life in the midst of a quiet neighborhood. It always fills me with delight and I want to shout with joy and join the birds in their flight. Too bad I don’t have wings.

I’d like to get a video of this, but haven’t managed it yet. However, I did take a video of the many birds at the feeders the other day. This is just one bird feeder. I have several other feeders nearby with just as many birds around them.

JJ had a CT scan this morning.

I often don’t sleep much the night before a medical appointment because I’m the one who has to wake us all up for these appointments and I’m always afraid I’ll oversleep. I set my alarm for 7:30 a.m. but I slept fitfully and got up earlier than the alarm. Not long after I came downstairs, JJ came downstairs. He also hadn’t slept because he was very stressed. Poor guy.

We all got to the imaging center on time–in fact, we arrived a little early. As always, I provided comic relief to make JJ laugh and help reduce his stress. I made him laugh by telling jokes and taking ambush pictures of him while EJ dozed. EJ works second shift so it was a bit early for him to be awake.  JJ tried to block my camera but I got a few shots of him.

After the scan, as we were driving away, JJ said that unlike usual, this time the CT machine backed up and re-scanned part of his body. That made him worried that maybe the cancer has returned. He said he didn’t think he could endure more chemo. I’m not sure we could either….although we all agreed we’d endure what we must.

The barium shake JJ has to drink before his scan always makes him feel a bit sick, so the rest of the day he didn’t feel all that well. Friday will be another stressful day because he has to return to the Cancer Center to get his port flushed.

On the way home today, EJ said that the car was acting weird. I can’t remember what he said he thought might be wrong with it, but it sounded major. And expensive. Bleagh.

It’s sort of been one of those days.

4 Comments on “A Carpet of Birds…and A Cat Scan

  1. Dear Teri, JJ and EJ this isn’t the best day ever I can understand that. Isn’t it possible to ask friday in the Cancer Centre why the CT scan was different than other times?? It helps JJ maybe not to have to worry about it. And the car have problems is always a matter of expensive cars have a habit of getting out of order in times we can’t miss them or don’t have all that kind of money just laying down and wait to pay for their repairs. They can smell it I think. Hope it is a minor problem . Love you ❤


    • I’m sure we will find out the results of the scan soon. And I agree, I think cars and appliances delight in breaking down and causing us inconveniences.


  2. We love the birds they keep life simple and sure is not your days this week. I pray there was something we could say that would lift this dark cloud around you all, God is with you,He’s in the journey and will not leave any of you alone.
    Our love to all.
    Linda and Bob


    • I wouldn’t exactly call it a dark cloud. There are certainly challenges, but mostly we have to take one day at a time. We have a lot of delights and joys in our lives in the midst of the challenges. For one thing, we deeply love each other. And we have sweet pets and birds outside our window and books and….


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