Goodbye 2014


I cannot believe that 2014 is coming to an end already. It’s seems like yesterday that we were entering the NEW MILLENNIUM…and now here it is 15 years later. I feel as if I’ve been sucked into a time vortex or something.

I must say that I am not sad to see 2014 go. It was a difficult year filled with difficult experiences–most of all our son’s battle with cancer. However, there were good things in it too, such as friends who were very supportive during this difficult time.

New Nissan Xterra (1)EJ has had almost two weeks off from work during this holiday season. We have relaxed…and got a few things done, and bought a used Nissan Xterra. When one of my friends–who is a fellow Doctor Who fan–saw the picture of our new vehicle, she exclaimed, “It is Tardis blue! Are you going to call it the Tardis?” I thought that was a splendid idea. So thanks to my friend, the Xterra is now officially “The Tardis.” I found a sonic screwdriver flashlight keychain on Amazon and am hoping to get it when I have extra money to keep with the Doctor Who theme. I figure, hey, why not?

We have been especially busy the last couple of days getting the house cleaned, and meals planned, and projects completed because tomorrow JJ’s new girlfriend and her mother are coming to visit for the first time.  They live about four hours away in a nearby state. Everyone is somewhat nervous. I have never done this “meeting my son’s girlfriend and her mother” thing before. I’m sure we will all survive….right?

I have spent several days writing about emotional abuse. I wrote first about emotional abuse and then a brief-ish summary of my story. It was kind of difficult to write, but I felt that it needed to be done for some reason. Maybe because it is another step in my recovery and maybe because it might help others. I know that I have been helped by the stories of others, and by their support. The post is in the About Me tab at the top of the page, but you can also click here:  TJ’s Story.


2 Comments on “Goodbye 2014

  1. Wishing you all three the blessing of YHVH and love you all. And that visit will be wonderful happy for JJ. Enjoy!!!!! ❤


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