Clever Cats

After an unseasonable warm November and December, we finally are getting wintry weather. Last weekend we had a little freezing rain. It was just enough to make the roads a bit slick but not enough to cause major problems. Since then we have gotten several inches of snow and the temps have dipped into the single digits–with wind chill temps near -20.

I don’t mind wintry weather. I love the coziness I feel when it’s cold and snowing outside and I’m wrapped in a quilt near the wood stove with cats on my lap and Danny at my feet.

Poor Danny didn’t get his walk today. It was too cold. Brrrr. Usually when EJ leaves for work, Danny gets excited about his walk, but he seemed to know that we would not be going for a walk today.


Last night Timmy was sitting on my lap and he streeeetched out so his paws were on my laptop. He pressed a few keys and suddenly everything on my screen turned sideways. It took me a long time to figure out how to get it back to normal. I tried pushing buttons, restarting my computer, and searching for help. It’s very difficult to operate a computer when everything is sideways, especially since the mouse operated as normal. I mean, to get to the top of the screen (which was now to the left), I had to move my mouse up toward the top of the monitor as normal so to move the mouse to the left I had to move it up. It was sort of like patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time.

Sideways screen
Sideways screen

Anyway, nothing worked. I finally got on EJ’s computer and googled the problem and found the answer. To rotate the screen, a person has to push CTRL + ALT + plus an arrow key in the direction you want the screen to rotate. Since I wanted up to be up, I pushed the up arrow. I am still trying to figure out how Timmy knew exactly which three keys to push in order to mess me up. He’s a clever cat.


Speaking of clever cats, this morning I walked into the bathroom to get something. I didn’t turn on the light. I heard a trickling water sound and looked around for the source, thinking that maybe someone had accidentally left the faucet running. Then I saw that Luke was using the toilet. It’s always amazing to me that he taught himself to use the toilet a year or so ago. But then I realized that the profile wasn’t correct. I turned on the light and saw that it wasn’t Luke using the toilet, it was Little Bear. So now we have TWO cats using our toilet. Luke is an amazing cat because not only did he teach himself to use the toilet, he also taught Little Bear. Β I didn’t get a picture of Little Bear this morning, but here is a picture of Luke that I took a year or so ago.

9 Comments on “Clever Cats

  1. Wow!! I’d give that a try if my moms would leave the toilet seat up! Of course then one of the miserable furry beasts would try to drink out of it, so nevermind. They ruin everything.

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    • When I was a kid I had a couple of dogs who drank out of the toilet. :p I’m glad that Luke and Little Bear use it properly. It will be interesting to see if the other two cats learn.

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  2. It is amazing two cats using the toilet, I wonder do they flush it afterwards too???? Love your story Teri ❀


    • Simone, I really hope our cats don’t learn to flush the toilet! There is a funny You Tube video of a cat repeatedly flushing the toilet. Although the description says that a couple discovered this after they kept getting a large water bill, Snopes says that the real story is that the owners (Nick and Scarlet, not Jim and Jennifer) discovered their toilet-flushing cat when the wife was working at home in the mid-afternoon and heard the toilet flush. This confused her, as no one else was home. She thought that either her husband had come home from work early and sneaked in or that there was someone else in the house. But when she investigated, she saw that it was their cat Gizmo. Here is a link to the video:

      It’s a funny video. While I’m glad that our cats our using the toilet, I really don’t want them to learn to flush it. πŸ˜€


  3. It really is funny well I send out a message to your cats with how they have to flush the toilet πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ This smart bunch will soon found that out πŸ™‚


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