Accidental Fireworks

It’s looking more and more like winter here in Michigan. We now have several inches of snow–maybe five inches where we live. As usual, areas closer to Lake Michigan have more snow because of “lake-effect snow.”  Lake effect snow is “snow falling on the lee side of a lake, generated by cold dry air passing over warmer water, especially in the Great Lakes region.” (Oxford Dictionary)

Luke sitting in the warmest place.
Luke sitting in the warmest place.

Overnight the fire in our woodstove burns down to embers. When I wake up in the morning, I get the fire going again–unless EJ wakes before I do. Before the wood had a chance to really get burning this morning and make the wood stove too hot, Luke found a “just warm enough” place to sit: on the “chin” of the woodstove. Leave it to a cat to find the most perfect warm place in the house.

Wind and blowing snow made visibility low today and caused two huge accidents. They were terrible. The first involved about 150 vehicles with many injuries and one fatality. A truck carrying at least 40 lbs of fireworks exploded resulting in fireworks going off in all directions.  I heard that the news cameraman taking the video left his camera running and leaped into a ditch when the fireworks began going off. Here are a couple videos of this accident. The first one was taken by a witness. It shows vehicles running into each other. The second one is of the fireworks exploding.

The second accident happened a couple hours east of the first accident. More than 40 vehicles were involved in that pile up.

I’m glad that I didn’t have to go anywhere today because it certainly was a good day to stay home and off the roads. Fortunately, EJ doesn’t have to travel far to work. Still, I will be glad when he is home!



2 Comments on “Accidental Fireworks

  1. WOW two really terrifying accidents . Please be careful and just go nowhere Teri and I hope EJ is safely home and you all can enjoy a warm cosy and blessed Shabbat.. ❤


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