Frozen Fog

Yesterday morning we woke up to cold and beautiful scenery. Overnight the temperature had dropped to -16 (F).  Apparently we had had fog and the cold temps caused it to freeze. It covered everything in beautiful little white flakes–not quite snow and not quite frost.

Later in the morning, it looked as if it were snowing even though the sky was  deep blue and cloudless. It was actually the frozen frost falling from the trees. I, of course, videoed it. The white flakes were beautiful against the blue sky.

Tuesday morning I watched a squirrel try to access one of our bird feeders. Two times I watched him fall off the feeder in a cloud of snow. I decided to video his antics, but by then he had figured out how to reach the seeds. With the cats, Danny, the birds, and the squirrels, life here is never dull.



One Comment on “Frozen Fog

  1. You live in such a beautiful part of the world Teri and I heard your voice again I saw EJ walk and talk so keep up the good work in letting me enjoy some of your lovely surroundings with you ín it!!! Love the smart squirrel……. ❤


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