Snow Day!

We’ve had a quite a mild winter. A couple of weeks ago we had a thaw and the little bit of snow we had melted. Then the temperatures dropped and the puddles froze. Since then Danny and I have had adventures slipping and sliding on our walks. The first day I fell down once and so did he.  After that, we were more careful–although we had some close calls.

Our back yard has also been a sheet of ice. I have been very careful when I bring in the firewood. I could imagine myself slipping and an armload of wood battering me.

Last night it began to snow and it has snowed and snowed and snowed all day. The meteorologists say we could get as much as 15 inches of snow. I hope so. I think it’s about time we had some snow.

The birds were feasting at the feeders all day. I saw a few squirrels too. They were sitting in the feeders all covered with snow.

Danny and I went for our walk early this afternoon.  None of the sidewalks had been shoveled so he jumped through the snow until got tired of it and then he decided to walk in the road where the snow wasn’t so deep. The snow gets packed into his paws so every now and then he stopped to pull it out. Maybe I should get him some boots.

When we were nearing home, I saw people snowmobiling down the village streets. Later the Village came through and snowblowed the sidewalks. They usually do that when it snows so we only have to shovel from our house to the street. The little gas station is closing at 8 p.m. tonight because of the weather, and a lot of schools are already closing for tomorrow. EJ just said that a co-worker posted on FB that she’s been shoveling for an hour and still can’t find her car. Ha ha!

I went outside a couple of times this afternoon with a ruler to measure the snow. The first time I measured we had seven inches. The second time EJ and Danny went out with me and we measured about 9-10 inches. Danny didn’t really want to be outside.

At 7:30 p.m. EJ, JJ, Danny and I went outside to measure the snow again. This third time the snow reached to the top of the ruler. We decided to all go for a walk to the party store. We took Danny and I waited outside with him while the guys went into the store.

The weather outside is frightful,
But the fire is so delightful.
And since we’ve no place to go,
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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When we weren’t out in the snow, EJ and I were busy in the house. I cleared out some of the files in the file cabinet, did my regular chores, and made bread. EJ made breakfast, got a stew cooking in the crock pot, and started working on the upstairs bathroom.


7 Comments on “Snow Day!

  1. WOW what a lot of snow and it looks so beautiful . Danny is like a little teddy bear and he is so cute. I can hear you enjoying the snow and wintertime. Love the snowy squirrel . We have a bit cold and sometimes 3 or 4 snowflakes and that’s all. So nit really winter this year. But we’ll have to enjoy what we receive. But I love your part of the world…… ❤


    • Are you having a mild winter this year, Simone? What are your winters usually like? I enjoy learning about other places in the world.


  2. What a beautiful morning, blue sunny skies and lots of white snow, it was this cold and sunny 52 yrs. ago as it was our wedding day but the snow was only a couple of inches. You area right Terry when you say it’s slippery, really have to watch where you are stepping, stoke the wood fire and enjoy one another.


    • So are you saying it’s your Anniversary today??? Happy Anniversary! What a gift of a beautiful day!


      • YES THIS IS THE “DAY” and we feel so blessed to have our beautiful family and friends, thank you for being part of our lives, hugs and love, Linda


  3. We have more an autumn with some wintry stuff. Once in a few years we have a real winter. But not last year and not this year. The temp. is below zero right now but no snow or anything and just this weekend the temp. will go up again and rain and wind will be coming back. So yes the winters are mild but also grey and misty. So I would love to enjoy a real winter time…..


    • How interesting, Simone! I do think winters without snow are dreary. Snow makes everything beautiful.


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