Tag: Snow Storm

Snow Day!

We’ve had a quite a mild winter. A couple of weeks ago we had a thaw and the little bit of snow we had melted. Then the temperatures dropped and the puddles froze. Since then Danny and I have had adventures slipping and sliding… Continue Reading “Snow Day!”

Common Things

JJ’s rescheduled Chemo appointment was for this morning at 10:30 a.m. Just before 9 a..m., EJ went out to start the truck to warm it up. It cried in protest at starting on such a cold morning: the temperature was -16F degrees, and I… Continue Reading “Common Things”

Hunkering Down

First thing this morning I got dressed and went outside to care for the outside cats. I was worried about the cats being too cold in this weather, but we can’t risk them bringing any illnesses into the house with JJ’s immune system so… Continue Reading “Hunkering Down”

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