A Somewhat Slow Rainy Day

I love rainy days. Photo from Pinterest.
I love rainy days. Photo from Pinterest.

Yesterday the temperatures were well into the 70s. This morning I awoke to a cool, rainy day with temperatures reaching only into the upper 40s. It was the sort of day that makes me want to do nothing more than cuddle with cats and watch movies on Netflix.

I did accomplish a few things, but not many.

I walked to the Township Hall to vote on a proposal to raise state sales tax from 6% to 7% in order to fix Michigan roads. Because of the freezing and thawing, such terrible potholes form that they could almost be called sinkholes. Ok, maybe not quite that bad, but bad enough. I won’t tell you how I voted (but I prefer potholes to taxes). EJ and JJ weren’t able to vote because they are in the Emerald City instead of here in….I don’t have a fantasy name for our place in the south.

JJ is eager to vote, but he hasn’t had the opportunity yet. First, because he was busy battling cancer and now because he isn’t down here. I told him that as soon as we can after we move into the new house we will register to vote up there.

Danny had wanted to go with me when I left to vote but he isn’t registered to vote so he had to stay home. However, as soon as I got back home I took him for his walk. It was drippy, not rainy, at that time, but I took an umbrella just in case.

Later I washed the dishes. Being home alone, I don’t dirty many dishes so I only wash them when enough accumulate that it makes it worth my effort. I’m living like a bachelor–eating when I’m hungry, washing dishes when I have to, doing laundry now and then, and sleeping and waking when I want.  I would trade all of that to be reunited with my guys.

I am counting the days. I discovered a widget for my blog that lets me count down the days to an event. Only 27 days left until my exile ends–until we sign the papers that make the new house officially ours and I can join my family in the north. Yay!

Our bank allows us to check the status of the loan online. I am not sure whether I like this feature or not. It’s nice to know how our loan is progressing, but it also makes me impatient. There are six steps. It took a week to accomplish Step 1, which was setting up the loan. We’ve been stuck at Step 2 (Underwriting) for more than a week. I started to wonder if it was normal to take so long, or maybe something was wrong and we wouldn’t get our loan or…..? Wouldn’t it be totally terrible if our loan was denied and we couldn’t buy the new house????!!!!

Today when I picked up the mail at the post office, I found a package filled with forms from the bank. I figured they were copies of the forms we’ve already signed, but emailing the mortgage officer to ask about them gave me the opportunity to innocently ask how the loan was progressing. To my relief, she replied,

“Everything is going well on your request!  Your file is in underwriting and I anticipate it coming out very soon (maybe even today).  Once the underwriter has reviewed everything, they may request additional items, if so, T. or I will let you know.  We are getting close to closing!”


Tonight EJ and I went over various tasks that he needs to accomplish and I need to accomplish regarding the houses. Some things he does better than me and other things I do better than him. Like he will arrange to rent the U-haul truck because he knows more about what we need while I’m arranging getting JJ a new oncologist up north. Tonight EJ had to deal with the 401(k) from his old company. I laughed when I asked him if he had to fill out a form or if he had to call someone and he replied, “I’m going to scream it like Tevye at the wedding telling Lazar Wolfe to keep his diseased chickens.” That is a Fiddler on the Roof reference. I tried to find a clip of the scene to share here, but couldn’t. Fiddler on the Roof is one of my favorite movies.

My guys always make me laugh. This weekend JJ told me with great excitement that he and his Dad had seen a porcupine! I exclaimed that oh, wow, that was so cool. He confessed, “Well, it was dead alongside the road, but it proves there are porcupines up north!” LOL.

JJ worked his second evening at his new job. During his break he told me that his second day went really well. I’m so thrilled!


2 Comments on “A Somewhat Slow Rainy Day

  1. I’m happy for you all that everything is going so well and after 27 days you will be together again and that is great. Hope it will be as wonderful as you hope. ❤


  2. Thank you, Simone. I know that no matter where a person lives, there will be difficulties. However, I am so glad that both EJ now has a job that he enjoys and that doesn’t affect his health. And I’m glad that the move is good for JJ. He’s enjoying his new job.


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