We continue to unpack and settle into our new house.

I began my morning by putting things away in the kitchen. I’m trying to get a feel for where to put things. Like…putting plates or cups where we’d expect to find them, or putting baking supplies near where I will mix ingredients, and so forth. Sometimes I put things in one place and then think, “No, that doesn’t work,” so I move them. I got a good start on the kitchen.

In our old house, we had a night stand on both sides of our bed, but in our new house there is room for only one night stand. I let JJ have the extra night stand but then I got to thinking that it would make an excellent printer stand so today I commandeered the night stand and moved it into our library. I told JJ that we could go to thrift shops later and find him a night stand. I needed totes to store blankets in so I unpacked some of my books and put them in the cabinet. I can’t unpack many of the books because EJ hasn’t had time yet to build me floor to ceiling bookcases. We still have many more boxes of books to bring up for the old house.

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Between doing my own tasks, I participated in other activities. EJ, JJ, Danny, Tesla, and I walked down to the mailbox to see if we had any mail. We are trying to figure out exactly what time of day it is delivered. We didn’t have any mail at 11 a.m. It must come later. On the way back, JJ and I ran up the driveway. Well, we ran a little way. Our driveway is so long and so steep that we were huffing and puffing after a short time, so we had to walk up the rest of the way. We figure that walking/running up the driveway will be very good exercise. Much better than stupid exercise machines that try to kill me. As I was staggering up the driveway, I noticed a dung beetle rolling a ball of dung up the hill. I’ve only ever seen one in documentaries. I thought it was rather interesting.

We drove by this lake on our way to the hardware store.
We drove by this lake on our way to the hardware store.

Later, I went with EJ to a nearby hardware store. We needed several items, including a shovel so we can bury the Internet cable in our yard and a new mail box because the current mail box was dented. After we got home, I went with EJ to keep him company while he removed the old mailbox and installed the new one. The neighbor across the street saw us and came over to introduce himself.  Among other things, he told us that a couple of years ago he wanted Internet so he built a tower in his  yard, and our Internet goes from the ISP, to several towers, to his tower, and then to us.

I worked from early morning until late at night and only took breaks when my feet hurt so much that I could barely tolerate standing on them. Once I rested my feet a bit, I went back to work. By the end of the day, I had emptied many boxes and made much progress.

We have a pretty castle birdhouse in our yard. Or, It thought it was a birdhouse until one of the guys who helped us move said that it was actually a bee house. However, this morning I decided that it’s not a bird or bee house at all…it’s a squirrel house. I had a lot of fun watching the squirrel climbing around the castle. I watched it for a while and then ran and got my camera to video some of it.

Yawn. Time for bed!



Ugh. Moving is really hard work.

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  1. You are really working so very hard but it is worth it . I think you will have the time of your life in your new house.I love the enchanted forest and it must be so cool to finely get a new life . ❤


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