Mailbox Run and Turkey Trot

Getting the mail.
Getting the mail from our new mailbox.

This morning JJ, Danny and I walked down the long steep driveway to our new mail box. When JJ got his new smart phone from the cell phone store, I was given a mailing label and told that I had 14 days to return his old phone. I kept forgetting my packing tape at the old house and only yesterday remembered to buy some tape at the hardware store up here in the North. Last night I packaged it, put the label on it, and had it ready to take to the mailbox. I have always lived in towns so this was the first time in my whole life that I have ever lived in a rural area where we had to put up the flag on the mailbox to let the postal carrier know there was mail to pick up. A simple thing, really, but I think “firsts” are worth noting. JJ was happily surprised to open the mailbox and find that the computer mouse he had ordered a couple of days ago had arrived.

After JJ took the mail out of the mailbox and put our package to be mailed inside it, we looked at each other and said, “Ready? GO!” and JJ, Danny, and I took off running up the long steep driveway. We have decided that running up the driveway is a good way to exercise and get in shape. The driveway is so steep and we are so out of shape that it doesn’t take long before we are huffing and puffing and staggering to a walk. Even Danny can’t run too far up the hill. I figure if we keep at it, we will eventually be able to run up it all the way. Or else the driveway will kill us.

While we walked/ran to and from the mailbox, EJ stayed behind because he was utterly exhausted today. He just didn’t have energy for anything. We have been under tremendous stress for so long–with difficult job, abusive family, cancer, moving–that it takes its toll on us in various ways.  I’ve been praying that we will have our spirits and strength restored in the Enchanted Forest.

This afternoon JJ glanced out the window and exclaimed in surprise. We joined him at the windows and watched the female turkey come right up to our house as if to check out her new neighbors. I love being able to watch wildlife come into our yard–something that doesn’t happen when living in town.

After EJ and JJ left for work, I continued unpacking and putting things away. I worked mostly in the kitchen today putting things away in the cabinets. I still have to find places for items, but most things are now put away and the kitchen is quite neat. The same is true of the living room, our bedroom, and JJ’s bedroom: I have small items to put away in drawers and dressers, but everything is mostly neat. I still have boxes of bathroom items to put away, but there aren’t many cabinets or drawers in the bathroom so I will have to figure out how to solve the lack of storage space. The library is the least orderly because I have boxes and boxes of books to unpack, but I can’t really unpack them until we get bookcases. By the end of the week I will have most of the house looking orderly…and then EJ and I will drive south to the old house and bring back more boxes and I will begin all over again.

Once we get all moved, we still will need to paint the walls, install flooring, get a mower, dismantle the hot tub, fix the driveway…there is tons of things to do yet.

At least life isn’t boring.




3 Comments on “Mailbox Run and Turkey Trot

  1. No life isn’t boring but it is getting more interesting to see what is happening outside. In a few weeks you will have arranged the house inside just as you like it and the move will look like far away. And in the meanwhile you can enjoy the wildlife and that is so cool.
    I think you will be very happy in this new place. ❤

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